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start em off good from young

Q: can a one year old girl go to the buriel of a relative in a graveyard?

Time: Monday September 19, 2011 at 8:37 pm

A: although there is not direct prohibition, we must teach our children the correct places to attend from a young age. Thus, although one can take a one year girl to the graveyard, it is best to take her to places where girls go, and take our little boys to the places that boys go.

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Allah certainly Knows Best.

please at least let the dead rest in peace!

Q: we have a serious issue at our burial committee. There is a brother that was in prison. He just got out 2 yrs after his mother died. He wants to move the body to Continue reading

husband died … colorful clothing

Q: can a woman whose husband died wear colorful clothing, wear makup (text) Continue reading

Jannah or Jahanum

Q: Salam alaikum Imam,

It is in the grave that we know if we are going to Jannah or Jahanum, right? Then will those that know that they are going to Jannah still worry on the Day of Judgment or will they be relieved? Continue reading

time of death or time of burial?

Q: My mum passed away on Jummah Zohr. Due to some delay with mortuary and medical matters we could only burry her after isha. Is she amongst thouse that died on fiday? Or the next day since our day starts at magrib? Is it true that passing away on Friday would eliminate azab (punishment) of the grave? (email) Continue reading


Q:I saw a dream last night, the only part i remember in it was that i showed the sky to my mother and it had 2 moons….one was really bright and the other slightly less…At first I felt scared but then i weird sence of happiness… and that those 2 moons seemed to be coming close to me, as if they’re leaving the entire world/universe to come to me….What does this mean?
Time: Monday May 9, 2011 at 12:22 pm Continue reading

take pride in matters of deen

Q: Salaam.
I read the previous posts about dreams because I had a question about dreams myself, however, i didn’t find exactly what i was looking for…or so i think. Anyways, my question is, what if a Muslim individual has a dream about another Muslim dying? What if they have seen that dream more than once? Should one look into that more, or dismiss it as merely a recurring dream? What if the individual who died in the dream has recently gone astray from the path and has been missing prayers frequently?
Wasalaam Continue reading