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life is rough — till the end

Q: Salam brother Imaam,

I was too sinful. What sins I did I think I don’t have to mention it, as its the matter between me and Allah (SWT).
But I have asked forgiveness from him, and I know he forgive you if you ask it from your heart, and not to do all those sins.
Now I am scared to attempt any sin. I try to keep m Continue reading

if you not shy to be gay, i need not be shy to be gay (happy) with my choices too!

Q: I am studying to work in a profession with disadvantaged populations where I may have to work with homosexual individuals. I realize Islam does not condone homosexuality, and I’m having trouble reconciling religion and the ethics outlined in by my profession. In my profession I am working with individuals who may have participated in haram acts (such as child abuse, sexually inappropriate behavior, drug abuse, etc.), but in their cases I am working to improve their behavior, where in the case of homosexual individuals, my profession has outlined it as ethically irresponsible for me to discourage their lifestyle, and may even require me to encourage it. Continue reading

is it better to be a hypocrite

Q: When it comes to the religion, is it better to be a hypocrite or retain your knowledge.
For example i have attained knowledge of the Deen. And for some reason i don’t apply it or sometimes i have difficulties performing them. In that case should i preach my knowledge, because it might be an advice or easier on another individual to perform it. Or should i keep my knowledge to my self.

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do not let SHAYTAN pull you down from your seat of faith

Q: I have committed so much sin in my life. there is no hope for me. I get away from one sin to another. And after a while i see myself back in that same sin. I feel like my heart became dark that the quran doesn’t have effect on it. I listened to lectures and fail to follow what it said. When i go to islamic events such as conference, I feel guilty of all my sins, and just want to repent. After a while I see myself in that same spot again. when I was young i was really good muslim but now i feel like there is no place for me in this world. I started to hate myself, and lost connection with my family. I tried to find a good companion, but couldnt find one. My only good source for me to learn about islam is thru youtube. I dont know where to start from, i fee like I am lost n no hope for me. I disobed my Creator so many times, and he always gives me a chance, but now i feel like he give up on me because I failed n ruined my life.

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can i call you a ***


Assalaamu’Alaikum wa rahmatullaahi wa barakatuhu,
Hope this reaches you well..Can a Muslim call another Muslim a pig? Continue reading

suicide — major no no

Salamu Alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakhtu

Hope your well,I have a question..Why is suicide haram?

Time: Sunday February 14, 2010 at 9:42 pm
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‘watching pornography’

Q1.What are the consequences of watching pornography and Ejaculating?

Time: Sunday November 29, 2009 at 1:06 am


  • Viewing pornography reduces respect for men/woman/children. Makes you take human life for granted. Reduces your sensitivity towards healthy relationships. Reduces appreciation and respect of your body and the body of others. Pornography helps you lose your modesty. Pornographic viewers have to take part in filth to attain necessary gratification.
  • Pornography is a ‘movie’ production, its allurement is due to a false depiction of reality. The men and woman have cosmetics to enhance their image, at times causing naïve persons to want their wives/husbands to look and act the very same way. (Viewers don’t always say it, their behavior begins to demand it!) When viewers watch such filth and notice that they as well as their partners fail to perform ‘as seen on TV,’ it is not unusual for attraction, satisfaction,  etc. to gradually diminish. Continue reading