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‘Can a woman slaughter’

Q. Can a woman slaughter an animal in Eid-ul-Azha? Continue reading

please at least let the dead rest in peace!

Q: we have a serious issue at our burial committee. There is a brother that was in prison. He just got out 2 yrs after his mother died. He wants to move the body to Continue reading

you cannot eat the following 7 things

Q: Some cultures allow us to eat certain organs. I do not want to say what organs. What can we eat or not eat as part of our qurban? Is it true that because the animal is sacred we can eat what usually is not eaten? (email/also in office question) Continue reading

words of kufr and salah

Q: I was angry and said words of kufr. I regret it. I also performed zohr salah that day. Before salah I did take the shadah. I did not have a bath after taking the new shahadah. What’s the status of my salah? Continue reading



We have recently changed our 3 yr old boy’s name. We already had an aqiqa after his birth. Do we have to have another aqiqa for his new name?

Thanks for arranging this helpful website for all. Continue reading

tail vs no tail for animal

Q: no tail sheep. Allowed for qurban slaughter? Or not? (text message)

A: yes, but makrooh (disliked)

Allah Certainly Knows Best.

(Sometimes the farmer has to chop of the tail due to medical reasons. Best to have tail. If not, fine but makrooh-disliked.)

animal was slaughtered by nonmuslim for a muslim … halaal or not?!

Q1: An animal was slaughtered. A nonmuslim cut it while a muslim read bismilal allahuakbar. Does this fit the requirement of a halal slaughter? (Question posed at musjid after Jummah salah on the day of eid)

A: This type of animal slaughter does not fit the sharia standards of  hallal. As described, the actual slaughter was done by the nonmuslim. This is not allowed.

Allah Certainly Knows Best.

p.s. If Allah has blessed you, do a redo of the Qurban.

Q2: (added on to the above) A nonmuslim started to cut the animal, a Muslim took over, is the animal now Halal? (Question posed at musjid after Jummah salah)

A: If more than 50% was severed by the Muslim, then the slaughter would be hallal.

Allah Certainly Knows Best.