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‘ does taking blood for tests break fast’

Q: Does taking (giving blood) blood for tests break fasting? Continue reading

Saudi Arabia say that condoms are haram

Q: I heard a mufti in Saudi Arabia say that condoms are haram. Can you explain Continue reading

Nasal spray and fasting

Q: I notice when I use nasal spray my nose does not bleed. It keeps the nose cool in summer. My mother thinks it is a fast breaker. She heard this in Somalia by Continue reading

‘Do not be too hard on yourself’

Q: Assalamu aleikun, Sheikh Mehtar,
This is my first Ramadan.  The first two days of fasting went without incident Continue reading

Asthmatic pump

Question: I am an asthma patient. Does using the pump negate my fast?

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Is it required to perform ghusul (bath)

Q: Salam alikum.
Is it required to perform ghusul after quitting masturbating? And is it required to perform salat tawba?… Would like to know what’s recommended towards that.
Time: Monday April 25, 2011 at 12:37 am Continue reading

Rubbing alcohol is not really alcohol

Q:Assalamualaikum. Hey Imaam! I have a question regarding alcohol. Is it prohibitted at every level in Islam? Simple example rubbing alcohol for a wound. Continue reading