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‘Martin L. King’

Q: Asalaamu Alaykum Imam,

Martin L. King is a very well known activist. In remembrance to him a few friends (muslims and non-muslims) and I every year observe this day by enjoying in community service to betterment our community and ourselves.
But please do not get me wrong I am a firm believer that people should take part in community service when ever they can not just on a specific day.
Now my question is as the following is taking part in this national holiday a bidah?
May Allah subhan’ah waj’tala make us into great peaceful activist to betterment our society and our selves.
Jazakallahu khair.

Time: Friday January 7, 2011 at 11:28 am Continue reading

Christmas parties — one ‘sheik’ says yes to them!

Q: what is your opinion on Christmas parties and that type of party that resembles them. Our local sheik said it is okay in America if our intention is to show the good side of islam. Also the shiek said so long as we do not drink or eat pork. Can i have your opinion. Continue reading

Thanks for what when you got no job?!

Q: I am told that to celebrate thanking is ok bcuz we celebrating the past years harvest. So if this is my intention can I do it? Can I have friends over to celebrate as Dawah? (text from 480 area code) Continue reading

eid ul adha announcement

Based on reports of confirmed sighting of Dhul Hijja crescent in several places across the U.S.A., the Hilal Committee of the Islamic Society of Greater Salt Lake has established that the first day of Dhul Hijja is Monday, November 8.  Accordingly, the Islamic Society has decided that Eid al Adha will be celebrated on Wednesday, November 17, Insha-Allah.  Eid-ul- Adha prayer will be held at: Based on the policy of sighting the moon established by our Society, the following has been decided:

Khadeeja Islamic Center (1019 West Parkway Ave, West Valley City) according to the following schedule: Wednesday, November 17, at 9:00 AM sharp. Continue reading

sajdah sahw for making less takbeers in eid salah

Q: The imaam made sajdah sahw for making less takbeers in eid salah. I was taught that one does not make sajdah sahw for eid prayers. Does making sajdah sahw depend on imaam? Continue reading

Eid Announcement (1431) 2010

The Islamic Society of Greater Salt Lake has accepted the evidence of the moon being sighted in Florida, Trinidad, and multiple sightings around the United States for  the beginning of Shawwal. Thus, Ramadaan for the year 1431 is now a memory. We hope you had a wonderfully blessed Ramadaan, and pray that you will enjoy a blessed and joyful Eid on Friday, September 10, 2010, inshaAllah.

Please arrive for Eid Salaah in a timely fashion, so that you may secure a parking space with as little trouble as possible.

Eid Program:
The Eid prayer is at 9.00 A.M. at Salt Palace (Room 255). As you are aware, first is the talk, followed by prayer, followed by a brief Arabic sermon. It would be wise for you to plan to arrive 45 minutes before the program begins, so as to give yourselves time for finding parking and reserving a prayer spot.

Sadaqatul Fitr:
Please do remember that your sadaqatul fitr needs to be given before the Eid salaah begins.

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EID AL FITR 1431 (2010)

The following is a statement that has been made by the authorities of ISOGSL on their web site:

Data from the astronomical calculations suggest that the astronomical Eid-al-Fitr moon will be born on Wednesday, September 8, 2010.  However, astronomers predict that this moon may not be visible on September 8 anywhere except some Polynesian Islands.  Astronomers also predict that on Thursday, September 9, the Eid-al-Fitr crescent can be “easily” sighted in North America and most other countries.  Based on these astronomical data, Eid-al-Fitr is most likely to be celebrated on Friday, September 10, insha Allah. Continue reading