Asthmatic pump

Question: I am an asthma patient. Does using the pump negate my fast?

Answer: Yes, using the pump does break your fast. You will have to make it up at a later time. If you’re unable to make it up, you must give the fidya. When your health recovers sufficiently, inshaAllah, you should still make up the fast.

Allah Certainly Knows Best.

Answered by student #417

2 responses to “Asthmatic pump

  1. Assalamu Alaikum, please explain to me how using a possible life-saving medication break the fast? I am new to Islam by only a few weeks and dont understand many things. Thank you, DawnMarie

    • walaikumsalam,
      Amongst the reason, one is that it breaks the fast because it is something that goes down the throat. For a fasting person this is major no-no.To use life-saving entities such a the pump is not a problem. All one must do is not fast when using such products. Islam being a religion of balance and moderation has created a substitute for an ailing person. The person that cannot fast due to a valid reason would not be viewed as a sinner of lesser in religious status. They must just do the appropriate compensation.
      Wasalam (#745)