Q: Assalamu alikum sheikh,
1) I have a question regarding botox. I’m 20 years old and am always stressed out due to school, im doing pre-law, anyway, i’ve been told that stress will bring wrinkles sooner than you expected. 2) My questions is; is botox or anti wrinkle creams permissible in islam? Im not planning on using it because of wrinkles due to old age, but of stress.
Time: Sunday March 6, 2011 at 10:27 am

Answers: وعليكم السلام ورحمة الله وبركاته

A1:In light of medical advances and practices, i do appreciate your question.

  • The ingredients in botox make it impermissible for mere cosmetic purposes. Halal substitutes in the form of creams do exist and must be opted instead of botox. Botox usage and outcome is limited — once one starts with such a  procedure, it becomes likely that the person would continue with its usage.
  • Research indicates that its benefit is limited as it relates to having lasting positive effects. Some researchers have also implied that botox has a placebo affect than an actual recognizable change.
  • People that use botox have a predisposition to continually do so. Islam is not into seeking its members to align themselves with aspects on continual vanity.
  • Its permissibility is for serious cases that remain doctor recommended. One must prove its necessity for its usage.


  • Creams can always be used instead of botox. The ingredients in such ‘luxury’ creams must be of acceptable (halal) in caliber. One cannot smear the face with elements of pork and other  like products.

Some added points:
You mention, ‘i have been told that stress will bring wrinkles.’ Unwanted worries would cause a compounding effect of additional worries and thus result in possible wrinkles! Stress could cause many other things too, a lousy posture, wrinkling, higher blood levels, bad eating habits, reduction in exercise, lack of concentration, etc. So do not merely worry about your face as it relates to effects of stress. Face comes and goes (ask a 91 year old.) I would focus on other aspects that would assist in your ‘entire’ system being healthy and content. This would make your face radiate.

Allah Certainly Knows Best.

p.s. (Keep this last part  between us. Do not let your favorite plastic surgeon find out about this.)

7 responses to “Botox

  1. Faces do come and go, but would you like to look like a 91 year old when you’re 20 ha ha, that was my point. Ps i dont have a favorite plastic surgeon, but i do have a favorite pharmacy lol!! Thank you Imam!

  2. please include me on your mailing list

  3. If pre-law is responsible for premature wrinkles, then by the time you graduate from law school you might need a full-face transplant. ;)

  4. Wow that was mean lol…. what do you suggest then??

  5. i apreciate your explaination Imam. However, i would like more clarification to why is Botox haram?
    i am 44 years old, nice, calm and positive person, but my wrinkles special my frown lines show a total oposite of me. i look angry at all times and like my kids tell me (i look mean and irritated). It very hard for me to socialize or feel accepted in events, people just give me space for no reason. I tried many many other options such as creams, masks, and even physical therapy but nothing worked. I hesitate to try botox because i still did not get clear answer to why it is haram. it is just like make up not permanent so you would not change allah’s creation but maintain it only. just like going to the dentist to whiten your teeth to have a nice smile or is not it?
    please adivce me
    jazak allah

    • *Likewise, I appreciate you taking out the time to seek greater clarity to the matter. The answer was based on the following: one cannot inject haraam ingredients into their bodies without a valid reason that falls into the category of ‘necessity.’ It is based on this I said in my opening line: The ingredients in botox make it impermissible for mere cosmetic purposes.
      *On a lighter note: your children should get used to your look; after all they are your children. *hint* (fruit does not fall too far away from the tree.) Unless you all sign-up for a ‘halal botox’ family package, I would request your children to be a little kind and learn about alternative methods to reducing deep wrinkle scares.
      *If wrinkles are written for you, wrinkles you are to get, however, convert them into smile wrinkles. Makes you feel happy and others around feel happy as well. (The latter comment is just a polite suggestion, not a religious ruling or anything.)

  6. I don’t understand, so, Botox is haram because it has “haram ingredients” of some kind?