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Surah Nisa

Q: I had a dream I was reading surah nisa. Can you explain? (sent April 13-2011 Continue reading

dream last week

Q: As Salam Alaikum Imam Sahab,

I had this dream last week about my both grandmothers. They were very religious and devoted and very nice to me when alive. Saw that I am in some sort of transportation which stops, I get out and see both grandmas standing outside Continue reading

baby, milk

Q: Asallam Imam,
I have a question about a dream. I recently got married and everything has been working out great Alhumdulilah. But Lately I have been having weird dreams about a child. I see a baby boy (very handsome) and I am always holding him in Continue reading

‘lion was nice to me’

 Q: What does a lion mean in a dream ? The lion was nice to me he wanted to be around  me but I wouldn’t let him Continue reading

Silver rings with a diamond

Q: I had a dream that  I found 2 sliver rings with diamond and I kept them And I was supposed to returne them
I saw  some one was drunk in my dream ?
What does that mean ? Continue reading


Q: Salam Alaykum Sheikh Mehtar,
I am recently married and I had a dream I was hoping you might be able to help me decipher. In my dream there were two elderly men sitting on chairs in the Continue reading

time of dream is mentioned in the hadith

Q: I heard in a bayan that the time we see the dream is important. Is this from Hadith? Or just opinion that most truthful dreams is before break of dawn dawn?? (email) Continue reading