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student loan and hajj

Q: assalamualaikum, recently i got a student loan for my medical  course (5 yr),to replay once you are employed inshallah, I intend to perform haj in due Continue reading

some things are best to be avioded in Hajj

Q: Can a man and woman hold hands in hajj when crowed? (Text) Continue reading

loans and its impact on Hajj and Umrah

Question 1 and 2: assalaamualaykum,
i have a student loan…partly subsidized and partly unsubsidized. what i wanted to know was if i can go on (Question 1) hajj and give (Question 2) qurbani considering the fact that i am making my payments regularly and have a fixed time-frame in which i intend to pay it off. furthermore, if i were to die, then i do intend to first pay off my loan through any jewelry  and belongings that i may leave behind.
jazakAllah khayr for your help.

Time: Monday October 25, 2010 at 12:21 pm

Q3: I got accepted to medical school. I owe $45 000 in loans. Out of happiness I want to go for umrah. I have not done hajj. Whts your take? (text – area code 251) Continue reading

dua at the look of Ka’ba, kiss stone, do i should my needs

Q: Bismillah
Assalamu alaykum wa rahmatullah Shaykh,

I have been receiving e-mails (via a group which I didn’t subscribe to) from a wahabi (who seems to really want to help educate muslims). Although she mentions a few good points, I get very distressed reading how she says several incorrect  things about islam. I am pasting two of her most recent e-mails below. How does one respond to this person? I’ve tried a couple times before & she started criticizing non-wahabi Shuyukh (i.e., certain Hanafi ulama). Is it obligatory/ recommended for me to correct her incorrect beliefs?
JazakAllah khair.

Time: Sunday October 17, 2010 at 6:57 am Continue reading

hajj matters for non-hujjaj

Q: Why do muslims not remove any hair, not cut nails or trim mustaches in the first ten days of hajj? Nonmuslim, just curious. Continue reading

Hajj matters

Assalamualaikum Shaik,

Hope you will be in good state of Eman and health.

Alhamdulillah, I am going to Hajj this year with my family.

I have few questions regarding this Hajj activities. Could you please clarify these? Continue reading

loans and hajj is just not a good match

Q: a kum

I have  question about “Hajj, Mortgage and finnancing for car….”

(1)  If i have a mortgage for home(its loan i think )can i goi for  hajj? and

(2) if i have a car on finnancing, can i gop for hajj??

these are my two question i m living in north america and these twi things are very common in our life.

(name withheld)
Time: Monday July 26, 2010 at 9:13 pm Continue reading