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if woman dies, does her wealth become the husbands?

Q: Assalamalaikum Imam,

Does the jewelry becomes husband’s property after wife’s death? Specially if it was bought by the husband for the wife while she was alive? Continue reading

even if you do not take the survery, these survey questions have some implications

Polite Request:

سلام عليكم

Forgive me for intruding, but I am in a class on contemporary Islamic culture at BYU and am doing a research project on Islamic courtship rituals, with my project placing special emphasis upon such rituals in the Gulf States. If there are a few individuals from the Gulf States (Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, UAE, Oman) who could complete a short questionnaire at the link pasted below, I would be very grateful. Thank you for your willingness to help.
Time: Saturday March 5, 2011 at 7:25 pm Continue reading

‘Deceased left a house’

Q: Deceased left a house worth Rs. 30,00,000
I need your guidance on inheritance:
Deceased died leaving behind
1.    One Widow
2.     Five Daughters (1 of them living with deceasd’s real brother as he has no child)
3.     One Real Brother (Alive as mentioned above)
4.     Two real sisters  (Alive)

(Parents already died before deceased)

Please guide me for disbursement of inheritance.

Thanking you in anticipation.

Time: Sunday December 5, 2010 at 10:38 am

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islam and its ruels should not hold back the brave

Q: Dear Kind Sir,
I have a concern and I hope that you can help me. I have been thinking the last year or so about converting to the Islamic faith. As with any religion there are so many do’s and don’ts. I know that if I did convert, I might not be perfect at first. My question is, what happens if I don’t follow all the rules set down to be followed, by accident, will I be punished?? I’m afraid of failing.

Time: Wednesday November 10, 2010 at 3:50 am

A: Humans must do the best they can in all situations. To intentionally violate any rule would constitute a sin. One should be positive that they can do the best in all situations that relate to their spiritual success. Confidence and positivity is a requirement for success in all avenues of life whilst following the prescribed formula for success in a given area. Do not let the agents of evil hold you back from doing that which is beneficial for you. The whisperings of doubt in your heart are negative thoughts to distract towards that which is good. Islam is simple in its complexity. Just like attaining success in any given area in life (work, school, spirituality, etc.) following the rules and guidelines that are outlined will enable one to attain maximum happiness and success. The do’s and don’ts are fairly easy to grasp and with the right intention of doing all of our acts in life to please our Creator, the act of doing good will become much more easier while at the same time deterring ourselves from doing that which will harm us, i.e. sinning.

The only way one can fail is by non-action: not praying, not giving charity, not fasting, etc., or in this case, not seeking a higher purpose in life. Not doing any of these actions would show arrogance that humans do not need the Creator. Barring this, mistakes will be made, especially in the beginning. But every foundation of a strong oak tree started with a little seed which grew slowly but surely overtime. Similarly, should be the watering of our spirituality constantly, consistently, throughout our lives each and every day.

We wish you the best in your goal of attaining spirituality. To limit “accidental” mishaps, kindly consult with an appropriate local scholar Muslim regarding the intricacies of the Islamic faith before and/or after conversion to understand in-depth what it would mean to convert to Islam.

We wish you the best. Do not let fear handicap any of your positive advances.
Allah Certainly Knows Best.

(p.s. The 2nd paragraph was due to a partial contribution of an interfaith student.)

A child was born and died

Q: A child was born and died. the father on the way to the hospital. regarding the inheritance since both are dead, I heard in a speech on the importance of requesting rightly. how to best distribute ? (text) Continue reading

lost and found child

Q: A girl was 7 years old. She came to my home and lived with me for 17 years. She had no mother, father, no body. I rasied her. She become very successful Alhamdulillah. 3weeks ago she passed away. I am muslim, and she too is muslim. Now Imaam do I inherit or do I not inherit. Converted to dollars it is worth 3 million US dollars. I am not asking because I want her money. I am just wanting to know my religious rights. Sister from Qatar. Continue reading

can a disbeliever inherit from a muslim

Q: Can a disbeliever inherit from a muslim?

Q: Can a Muslim inherit from a disbeliever?

Q: Can a believer inherit form a murtad (person who let go of islam)? Continue reading