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prostration (sujdah) on Quran

Q: whenever I read a sajdah ayah o make sujdah. I have been making them of the Continue reading

‘leading Tahajjud Prayers with my wife’

Q: If I am leading Tahajjud Prayers and my wife is standing behind me. Do I recite Quran Loudly or Do I recite Quran silentlyl? Continue reading

‘reading quran and must perform sajdah’

Q: Assalamalaikum, when one is reading quran and must perform sajdah is there anything in specific to recite like fathiha or atahyat? Continue reading

for those that claim: ‘someone does magic on me’

For those that claim ‘bad’ things are happening to them. Listen to this (CLICK HERE) if you limited on time, try to listen at least once a week.  Continue reading

sujdah, impure state (menses), etc

Q:As Salam Alaikum Imam Sahab,

1) I have questions about khatam-e-Quran and Sujdah. I read Quran-e-Paak with Continue reading

quran and technology

Q: السلام عليكم

1)Can I read Quran from my phone without wudu?
2)Can I read Quran from my phone if i can’t pray ? Continue reading

‘females reading the quran’

Q: I am a guy. Is it okay to listen to females  reading the quran ?  (text) Continue reading