‘females reading the quran’

Q: I am a guy. Is it okay to listen to females  reading the quran ?  (text)

A: The voice of female is very close to being aurah for men. Female voices have elements that can entice the listener towards wrongful thinking. Men should not listen without suitable reason to strange woman reciting the Quran. Quran is a Pure Book and it should be listened with purity and concentration. All unwanted desires must be removed when reciting and listening to the Quran. Men should listen to the voices of woman only out of a genuine need. Many other options exist for men, thus, men should utilize these other ‘male’ options.

Likewise, it is recommended that woman listen to woman as a preferred first choice. However, a woman not finding a suitable Quran female reader can listen to qualified men. This recommendation to woman is due to the current evils that are sometimes presented by ‘male readers’ who attempt to turn themselves into ‘wannabe pop-star/rock-star’ satanic symbols. To promote such people is a sin. Listen to the recitation of the Imaams of the Haram for maximized Quranic Tajweed benefit.

Allah Certainly Knows Best.

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