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‘shave off his mustache ‘

Q: Asslamualaikum Waramatulahi Wabarakhatu, all due to Allah and praise due to Allah, blessings upon Prophet Muhammad salallahualaihi wasallam, his family Continue reading

letter for beard growers

Q: i am looking a for a letter that allows me to keep a beard at work.


name withheld (email)


Kindly fill in your name in the appropriate places. May Allah make matters easy for you, amen.


May 16, 2011

Mr xxxxxxxx has brought to our notice that he has requested employment within your company. He is known to be an individual of dedication and honesty.

Mr. xxxxxxxxxxxx has also requested that a letter be furnished pertaining to the need of a Muslim male retaining a beard whilst employed by your company. Islamic rules require that under general circumstances Muslim men should maintain a beard as a requirement to male adornment. It is part of the Islamic belief that such a beard should also be maintained with neatness as defined by our religion as well.

We hope that your company will allow Mr. xxxxxxxx to be employed whilst maintaining a dress code conduct that he adheres to and views as an integral part of his belief.

Should you have any question pertaining to this letter or questions pertaining to religious laws of dress and culture, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours truly,

Muhammed Shoayb

point to think about

Abu Sirmah relates Rasulullah (Salalawho alyhe wasalam) has said: the one who causes discomfort to people, Allah will cause them discomfort. And the one who makes Continue reading

after this, what else do you want to see?

Q: salam Brother Imaam ,

I know due to load os so many questions your are too busy . but i request you to anser my question. My question about my dream in wich I have seen Prophet Muhammed . this dream is too important . i just request you when you have time please do answer my question . Continue reading

How would adoption work in the United States by an Islamic couple?

Q: How would adoption work in the United States by an Islamic couple? Adoption is a common practice among Judeo-Christian faiths but from my knowledge, Muslims today seem to be cautious to adopt because of the complications it may cause. For example the child is not considered muhrim to the other family members and therefore he/she should not be left alone with family members of the opposite gender. It seems sad that because of these restrictions children don’t have the opportunity to be raised in an Islamic household. Of course foster parenting is always an option but it is generally only a short term solution until they may be placed with an adoptive family. In what instances would you recommend adoption? I realize that the prophet adopted a son, which is one of the reasons it is so appealing to me, however, current adoption systems don’t really favor that style of adoption making it difficult. How could a modern Muslim family make this work practically?

Time: Sunday July 4, 2010 at 7:40 pm Continue reading

confused about surah fatiha

Q: What is opinion of Imams ahmad bin hambal (and Imam maliki if you care to share) on reciting of surah fathiha in salah behind an Imaam? we got an Imam that juggles with his answers and I am confused confused confused. Plze help me. (personal email) Continue reading

gold, men and hair


I would like to know about gold if men are forbidden from wearing gold jewelry such as ring etc. Also, if it is OK to dye hair if they are young but have grey hair? Imran Khan Continue reading

RED! (Part 2)


Why is it makrooh? You did not give a reason why men should avoid the color! Is the reason because of attraction the color may cause??? Reason Please      Date Posted: 2010 February 19

Could you explain the reason as of why? bint Hussein    Date Posted: 2010 February 19 Continue reading

Parental respect, Pictures, Perfume, Charity, Duff, Veiling, Masturbation

Asalamalikum wa ramatullahi wa barakatoh,

I have several questions to ask you inshallah;

Q1) is it true that if the Muslim doesn’t talk to his parents because they are non-believers and they refuse to see him because they don’t accept his conversion to Islam, Allah will not grant him the Paradise because he was not in touch with them? Continue reading

leaves are healthy too!

Q: Salamu alaikum,

Is it okay to be vegetarian?

Time: Wednesday January 20, 2010 at 12:34 pm Continue reading