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‘Why do muslim prophets not inherit?’

Q: Why do  muslim prophets not inherit? Continue reading

kissing and whudhu

Q: At the U I sent you a written question. I gew up shafee and in Utah I am getting all these people that make up laws and it is really confusing me. I did send you and email and you never got back to me. But I really need to know. I feel my prayers are being affected. My husband and I and both shafee. He says that if he kissed me without touching me our whudu would not break. Is this correct? Does the answer differ between muhrim and ghair muhrim. Shafee answer. Continue reading


Q: I need a sharie hila. A way out of a situation. We got divroeced 5 years ago. I was 19 when we married. She was 15. Long story. It happened in (xxxxx) (overseas.) She never married. She did have offers.  I had some issues back then. She is really pious. I have never found a person like her in my 5 years. I regret my divorce. I asked her father if she would marry me. After 1 year they agreed. I went for therapy. They asked me before they said yes if the my therapy was recored and they could contact the therapist. I did say yes. Record of the therapy was sent to her family. they dont want to get hurt again. me too. She had me talk to her brothers. I have changed my ways. How can we do halalah without being cursed by doing it. this is the only thing her father is asking. and i also do not want to get cured by and have my marriage cursed. You get my point? She too has agreed to this email with her parents’ approval.

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skinny dipping?!

Q: on my honeymoon wud going with my husband skinny dipping be allowed? Continue reading

If you talking about being president of the nation, then lets talk

Q: do you have advice for the next MSA president. (xxx) wants to run for it. They (this person) respect your advice. We want to become active and sorry2 say we  had bad 2 years. fighting, gossiping, slandering. we divided on everything.  Imaam can u giv advice on how2make it positive for muslims and guets. (email) Continue reading

‘million dollar question; on voting

Q: salam,

the million dollar question which i guess nobody seems to ask is what do muslims do at this state for one Islam 2 how do we deal with the current elections. Continue reading

experimenting is fine *between spouses*, breaking your cherished values is not

Q: I just wanted to ask when a man and women are married in islam is it allowed for a husband to experiment with sex on his wife? For example they Continue reading

mehr and kula are seperate issues

Q assalam alaikum,
my sister-inlaw took khula from my brother and is refusing to return the mehr. Continue reading

cannot always mix oranges with apples

Q: Can i offer my fard salah behind a person reading non fard salah.  In our musjid when someone comes late and i am reading my nafl a guy would come Continue reading

‘go away jinn, go away jinn’ and ‘come inside imaan, come inside imaan’

Q: asalamualaikum,

Can jinns enter into the heart of humans? like literally the heart? how to get rid of a muslim jinn in the body. ruqya quran does not seem to work due to the jinn reciting along.????????? Continue reading