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If you talking about being president of the nation, then lets talk

Q: do you have advice for the next MSA president. (xxx) wants to run for it. They (this person) respect your advice. We want to become active and sorry2 say we  had bad 2 years. fighting, gossiping, slandering. we divided on everything.  Imaam can u giv advice on how2make it positive for muslims and guets. (email) Continue reading

17 and marriage

Q:Asalamu Alaykum Wa’Rahmatullahi Wa’Barakatu,

Insh’Allah I want get married in a year or two, but I am confused  and don’t Continue reading

The ‘Istikhara was not favourable’ part is your answer

Q: Assalamualaikum wa rahmatullah wa barakatuh,

I was introduced to a brother for the purpose of marriage.  We met in the presence of family and both sides were ready to move forward, Alhamduilllah. Continue reading

Yes you can do it!

Q: Salam Imam,
First and for most, may Allah help us in this life and make us better human beings. I’m currently a college student whose trying to get into a doctorate Continue reading

Deny your feelings, this email could be from your child!

Q: Assalam alejkum imam, I have a simple question for you… I would like to get married by our traditional ways here in salt lake city…can u explain to me what, Continue reading

student health matters

Q: asalamualaikum,

If we are studying deen in a foreign country where there is healthcare but it is not as adequate as ours in the US such as pakistan, india, bangledesh.  we have Continue reading

online vs in person learning

Q: salaam,

question is what are your thoughts regarding learning deen through means such as online? rather than traditional way such as attending a school due to not having that ability to leave home? would one still be able to gain the noor of ilm through that way? does the traditional way vs the online have more noor in it? Continue reading

‘hair removal’

Q: This is another question about hair removal, please forgive me if it seems trivial. There are procedures for permanent removal of hair. Are these permissible for a woman/men and doing it for husband/wife or is it considered changing Allah’s creation like plastic surgery? Because the hair will never grow back after this type of procedure.
Time: Thursday October 20, 2011 at 2:14 am

A: Woman must have the hair(s) removed by a woman, preferable by a female that is part of the same faith. The one removing such hairs must not view the awrah (that which is private) unless it is the spouse that is removing such unwanted hairs for his/her spouse. Alternatively, the hairs of the awrah can only be removed by a ‘stranger’ under conditions of emergency (surgery, etc.)

One must seek removal of hairs that would not create greater problems such as scaring, burns, and other adverse related affects.

For a man to remove chest hairs, leg hairs etc. would be makrooh.

Allah Certainly Knows Best.

dog hairs and prayers

Q: salaam i have a problem the bottom of my abaya always has dog hair
(because there is a class for people to train dogs for blind people) Continue reading

from what we know, you not alone on this one

Q: i dont wat to say my name but i just wanted to ask that before i used to masterbate (i still do, inshallah im trying to stopit but i cant can u help me on how stop it i know its haram but shaitaan over powers me is there any dua??? Continue reading