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brown discharge from female

Q: Assalama Alaikoum imam,
So is the brown discharge right before you menses or after your menses still count as your menses? I usually get brown discharge with the red together  but Continue reading

woman cannot go for 40 days

Q: Is it true that a woman cannot go for 40 days to the mosque after she gives birth?  I would like to go for eid prayer. Also no adult relations for a woman that Continue reading

sujdah, impure state (menses), etc

Q:As Salam Alaikum Imam Sahab,

1) I have questions about khatam-e-Quran and Sujdah. I read Quran-e-Paak with Continue reading

sujdah and female issues

Q: Assalamu Alaikum Imam,
when one is in their menses,
1. can they do sajdah during the time they are doing dhikr to feel closer to Continue reading

intersexed … transgendered people are seperate issues to us?

Q: 1) What does Islam say about intersexed (people born with both genders)  people in Islam? Because roles and obligations in Islam are very gender oriented, what would the roles/obligations of an intersexed person be? Or would they have to choose to become one gender or the other? I have heard choosing one gender or the other at a young age can have detrimental effects psychologically in the long run. Continue reading

‘I miss prayers do I make up’ (menses)

Q: I need clarification. During haidh (menses) I miss prayers do I make up the missed prayer. I am doing it and I am told no. fast makeup. right? (email) Continue reading

woman issue

Q: Assalamualaikum

I understand this may be a sensitive and private issue but I wish to get information and advice as I’m confused about my problem.
During the first week of Ramadan I experienced my menstruation which lasted the usual cycle. Now I have been fasting for atleast a week now but however today I woke up to find bleeding. I am confused in whether I should be praying/fasting as it has only been 10 days since I finished my cycle. I understand there must be atleast 15days between two cycles?
I would deeply appreciate any help or advice given.
Jazakallah Continue reading

female/male issue: purity is important for validity of salah

Q: A woman sees some liquids (yellow color) in her underware while she is not in period. This frequently happens to her and causes a real difficulty for praying specially outside the home and as you know women in this country go out of their home frequently.

1) What is the judgment on these liquids (pure or inpure)

2) should she change the underwar every time!?

3)What is the status of her wudu?
4)Also, can a woman while doing wudu wipe over her hijab instead of her hair?

Time: Saturday August 7, 2010 at 12:51 pm


A1) The secretion of this yellow fluid would only invalidate whudu.

A2) This yellowish substance is impure.


A practical scenario for those that follow the ayah: Allah loves those that adhere to purity. Also commenting on the sisters claim: ‘This frequently happens to her and causes a real difficulty for praying specially outside the home and as you know women in this country go out of their home frequently,’ the following is being advocated.

One can place a light padding or some type of fabric/tissue that can be removed each time she observes the yellowness. Prior to salah, merely go and observe if the yellow secretion has occurred or not. Should a secretion have taken place, throw the stained tissue paper, wash the soiled area and merely place a fresh tissue. Make a fresh whudu and continue with the salah of the moment/time. One does not have to have their undergarments soiled each time it is worn. This rule could well apply for men that may also have similar occurrences.

A3) Invalid.  Needs to be made up. Ghusal remains intact, just whudu needs to be re-done.

A4) she must wipe over the actual hair as the Quran instructs us to do so. Due to the serious nature of salah, Quran should be given priority over the preference of other opinions relating to this matter. This would not only take you out of the realm as it relates to difference of opinion. This is the correct view of all major scholars.

Allah Certainly Knows Best.

‘am I allowed to skip my menses’

Q: as a female am I allowed to skip my menses so I can fast the entire month of ramadaan for maximum reward? This can be done by me using a pill to stop my period. Would this be even allowed? (email) Continue reading

menses and the quran

Q1: JazzkAllahu kharina Imam,

What about touching the quran in that situation? According to the Shaifi I was taught that you could touch the quran but recommended to touch it with cloth? Can you clarify that please? (comment box)

JazzkAllahu kharian imam!

Q2: Can one touch the quran when in menses. Did you say yes a while back or not?  Some sites allow for it. Its confusing. If you can give a Hadith or ayah or something then I would appreciate it (email)

Q3: What is the ruling for a woman with weak memory that has memorized the quran? Can she read? (email)


و قولہ علیہ السلام- لا یمس القرآن الا طاھر

Do not touch the Quran except while pure.

The above is found in: Imaam Ahmad, Nisia, Abu Duwood, Bayhaqi

و عن حکیم بن حزام رضي اللہ عنہ قال- لما بعثني رسول اللہ صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم الی الیمن، قال: لا تمس القرآن الا وانت طاھر

Do not touch the Quran except you are pure (clean.)

The above can be found in the following books: Daruqutni, Abu Dawood, Bayhaqi, Mustadrik Hakim, Musnad Abdul Razak, Tabrani

The scholars have derived laws based on the above as well as the quranic phrase:

لَّا يَمَسُّهُ ۥۤ إِلَّا ٱلۡمُطَهَّرُونَ

In conjunction with the above, one cannot touch the Quran whilst in the state of menses. Should need arise, touching the Quran with a separate cloth that is not attached to the Quran or body is allowed by Ahnaf. Imaams shafee and malik do not allow for this type of touching either {more so, touching the Quran merely for the sake of touching it} (naturally more so when viewed on the above injunction.) We grant respect to all the above views within their rightful context.

Ahnaf allow the quran to be touched with a handkerchief, hat, piece of cloth – all these articles are detached from the body thus its allowance.

Reading the Quran by holding it in the state of menses or major impurity that requires bathing is not allowed by all major scholars. The debate is weather a woman in menses can read the Quran in the state of menses without touching it whilst she has memorized it and fears forgetting it. Our contention is that if it must be read in such a state, it must be read in the mind, without the movement of the tongue. If it must be touched, it must be done with a piece of cloth that is detached from the Quran. Or it can be read whilst looking at a screen from a distace or whilst some other person is holding it. Again, it would not be read aloud, it would read in the mind without movement of tongue or comprising of any sound.

Under general circumstances we must not advocate reading Quran during menses. A woman would be given her full reward for such patience. Her reward would not only be for NOT reading the Quran in her given state, but also for following the Quran as the Quran demands. 

Allah Certainly Knows Best.