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brown discharge from female

Q: Assalama Alaikoum imam,
So is the brown discharge right before you menses or after your menses still count as your menses? I usually get brown discharge with the red together  but Continue reading

woman cannot go for 40 days

Q: Is it true that a woman cannot go for 40 days to the mosque after she gives birth?  I would like to go for eid prayer. Also no adult relations for a woman that Continue reading

sujdah, impure state (menses), etc

Q:As Salam Alaikum Imam Sahab,

1) I have questions about khatam-e-Quran and Sujdah. I read Quran-e-Paak with Continue reading

sujdah and female issues

Q: Assalamu Alaikum Imam,
when one is in their menses,
1. can they do sajdah during the time they are doing dhikr to feel closer to Continue reading

intersexed … transgendered people are seperate issues to us?

Q: 1) What does Islam say about intersexed (people born with both genders)  people in Islam? Because roles and obligations in Islam are very gender oriented, what would the roles/obligations of an intersexed person be? Or would they have to choose to become one gender or the other? I have heard choosing one gender or the other at a young age can have detrimental effects psychologically in the long run. Continue reading

‘I miss prayers do I make up’ (menses)

Q: I need clarification. During haidh (menses) I miss prayers do I make up the missed prayer. I am doing it and I am told no. fast makeup. right? (email) Continue reading

woman issue

Q: Assalamualaikum

I understand this may be a sensitive and private issue but I wish to get information and advice as I’m confused about my problem.
During the first week of Ramadan I experienced my menstruation which lasted the usual cycle. Now I have been fasting for atleast a week now but however today I woke up to find bleeding. I am confused in whether I should be praying/fasting as it has only been 10 days since I finished my cycle. I understand there must be atleast 15days between two cycles?
I would deeply appreciate any help or advice given.
Jazakallah Continue reading