‘am I allowed to skip my menses’

Q: as a female am I allowed to skip my menses so I can fast the entire month of ramadaan for maximum reward? This can be done by me using a pill to stop my period. Would this be even allowed? (email)

A: Allah (SWT) has created each gender uniquely; He has given what may be perceived as a strength and weakness to each gender.  Both genders would be given great rewards in relation to their effort.

Sacrifice in the case of woman would demand that she let go of fasting, certain hajj rituals as well as prayers whilst she is on her menses. There are compensations that apply where appropriate for a woman in menses wherever appropriate. Doing as religion demands in a natural (healthy) manner would be more rewarding.  For our bodies also have a right over us 9hadith paraphrased.) Instead of combating human nature, merely excuse yourself from this Ibadah (fasting) and take on something else in the in-trim of your menses. For example, zikr, listening to beneficial speeches and sharing it to loved ones, reading a good book on the sunnah/sahaba, etc. Later on, merely do a makeup for the given missed fast.

Although it is permissible to take this pill to stop your menses, it is something we do not recommend due to the possible adverse health consequences. Taking such a pill would not invalidate your fast.

Wishing you a spiritually blessed Ramadan, we also request your prayers.

Allah Certainly Knows Best.


2 responses to “‘am I allowed to skip my menses’

  1. Interesting question with an answer that made me think!

    I do believe that the genders were created for different purposes/reasons. However, what if you a woman who does not have a period? I am 27 and my menstral cycle has always been all over the place!

    This is my third Ramadan. When you are on your period, you simply stop fasting and can make up the fast later. Normally, right after Ramadan is best! The same goes for breast feeding women and pregnant women, they do not have to fast.

    • Mufti Ishaaq makes a good point our sisters can derive benefit from:

      Generally females delay in making up for their missed fast. I came across a quotation in lata’if al-Ma’arif of Hafiz ibn Rajab Hanbali (Ra) and thought i would share this for the benefit of all:

      لطائف المعارف
      و قد روي عن أم سلمة أنها كانت تقول لأهلها من كان عليه رمضان فليصمه الغد من يوم الفطر فمن صام الغد من يوم الفطر فكأنما صام رمضان و في إسناده ضعف

      this is also an answer to the question that all good deeds are multiplied by ten, then why has six fasts of shawwal been specified in the hadith. One answer is to hasten in keeping six extra fast and another answer is that the fast of shawwal has the reward of ramadhan. Therefore, I feel we should encourage our sisters to make up their fasts in this honorable month of Shawwal.
      (Mufti Ishaaq Moosa)