kissing and whudhu

Q: At the U I sent you a written question. I gew up shafee and in Utah I am getting all these people that make up laws and it is really confusing me. I did send you and email and you never got back to me. But I really need to know. I feel my prayers are being affected. My husband and I and both shafee. He says that if he kissed me without touching me our whudu would not break. Is this correct? Does the answer differ between muhrim and ghair muhrim. Shafee answer.

A: According to AlHaawee fil fiqh AsSahfee, the whudu would break in both instances – muhrim or non muhrim.

Yes, even if he does not use his hands whilst kissing you, the whudu of both of you would break.

(For the Ahnaf, kissing alone would not negate whudhu.)

Allah Certainly Knows Best.

p.s. Is kissing not part of touching??? I don’t get how he kisses without touching. Kindly refrain from sending us the details. Some things are best left to the imagination of perplexity. SubhannalAllah is all I can say!

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