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Digital Quran

Q: These days Quran can be downloaded on smar phone so is Azan and applications for Azkar. Cell phone are on the side of belt and at times like on Continue reading

Does Imaam turn hacker?

Q:Why do you steal people’s ip addresses and hack into people’s computers?
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Itikalf — May Allah (swt) bless you for thinking ahead

Q: Imaam I intend doing itkikalf this year in my musjid because college would be closed and want clarification. Is the whuzu area in the musjid part of the musjid? Would the same rules of musjid apply in the whuzu area? Can a person in itikalf the type of ittikalf one does in the last 10 days of ramadhan talk in the whuzu area like nonemergency talk? Can one use cell phone in itikikalf in musjid? (text) Continue reading

stem cells and cloning?

Q: assalamu alaikum shiekh,
what is the Islamic ruling regarding stem cells and cloning?

Jazakum Allah Khairan
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music video (a little too graphic for Muslim likes)

Survey: (xxx,) I am a BYU student and I am doing a survey on music videos and Islam for one of my classes.  I have created a survey for people to take online.  It only 12 question it will take about 3 minutes.  I would greatly appreciate any of you taking the survey.  Here is the link to take the survey:


Thank you very much.

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‘my husband and I both have facebook accounts’ … ‘this man thinks he can tell me what to do’

Q: بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
Assalaamu alaykum Imam,
may Allah grant you Jannat InshaAllah for helping your Muslim Ummat.
1.) I’m married, and my husband and I both have facebook accounts that we keep in touch with our distant family members; my husband is okay with me having an account only with family members that are females, and I agreed to his request (I dont have no males cousins,uncles…etc). and i requested the same Continue reading

comments can be a sensitive matter

Q: To what point we2take comments of those that place comments2wht u sy. 4xampe wht cn publc ask n not ask2u as Imaam? Also are you linked to people that place comments? Is xxxx xxxxx (comment gives name withheld) your personal representative. Also whts about the nonmulims viewing the site n now we msut not ask tis n only that?  … (text) Continue reading

just in case you forgot

click here for privacy matters that matter.

free online sites seek unwanted data

Q: Shiek free online sites seek unwanted data. Can I lie about it just to sign it and take benefit from these services. Much of the data is irrelevant anyway. Would this be allowed. Continue reading

‘a guy she met on the internet’


I have a friend in a relationship with a guy she met on the internet. She never met him in person but has been talking to him for a while now, I tried to advise her to stop but she was never convinced. Now it reached to a point of her sending him revealing pictures of herself! I want to convince her to stop before things get worse or someone from her family finds out, what should I say?

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