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It’s all in the intentions

Q. Can we combine two or more intentions in the qurbani of Eid ul adha. For example, one share for aqeeqa and the one share for the qurbani? And one share for a dumm of last year’s Hajj?

A. The animal that has 7 shares within it can be divided so that a shareholder can buy multiple shares, allocate a share towards his/her qurbani, and other shares towards an aqeeqa for his/her daughter or two shares for a son, etc.

As far as Dumm (penalty) for Hajj is concerned, there are certain types of Dumm that must be done within the vicinity of the Haram, and its meat divided over there. So the last part of your question is vague as to the type of Dumm you are requesting information about.

Allah certainly knows best.

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Me and my Hair

Q. I like to scratch my hair follicles, and might do this a lot while in Hajj. Must I give Damm like cut a camel for penalty?

A. Scratching resulting in falling of hair does not constitute penalty (Damm), so you can spare the poor camel’s life! Intentionally plucking hair does not make Damm incumbent, but sadaqah must be given instead. (Hidaya volume 1 page 267). (Should you ask what is the amount of sadaqah to be given, then the answer is: give one date for every hair loss, or its equivalent in value.)

Allah certainly knows best.