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Parents must be fair and not drag children into parental matters

Q:  Asalamalkium ya sheikh.

My father says to us that we aren’t his kids when he is mad an argues with my mother he has said it Numerous of times. and has said many more thing, Anything you can imagine he has said to us or either my mother. My father also Continue reading

athlete behavior does not always match

Q: Salaamu Alaikoum,

My friend and I were talking about a particular athlete at a University.  This athlete is a very good player, but off the playing field this athlete is known to not carry himself in the most appropriate way, and is a bad influence to many looking up at him, yet many people cheer and route for this athlete because of how good they are at this particular sport.  We started to have a debate about whether it was ok to still cheer for this athlete. Continue reading

i want to be a winner so help me with the combination number

Question/comment/advice sort:

Assallamu alakuim wa rahmattuAllahe wa baraktu,

(Paragraph has been deleted for it contained  personal data.)

I got a quick question, sorry haha i am adding more questions to your list, but i am not in hurry to get the response. Based on your educational background (and qualifications), and still being student, I want to know how did you manage school with family and work? Alhamdulelah i have a nice family but the issue is that they are traditional, so girl has to cook and clean up to be considered a girl. I do believe strong in having girl know how to cook and clean up but when having other responsibilities, what should she be doing? I just dont know how to prioritize things wallahi. My question is; How could student do well academically and also other stuff? (personal email) Continue reading