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new month data

By Br Yasir Butt:


As expected the grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia corrected that the month of Muharram has to be corrected to make the fast of ashura 10th of Muharram this Tuesday 12-6-2011 Continue reading

apprecaite you sending this article

Comment: A good article on the difficulties reverts to Islam face (and how Muslims can help them): Continue reading

new muslim woman matters

Q: Salam Aleikum,

I am a college-aged female, raised in Utah and California.  I left the religion I was born into a few years ago, because I felt that it was a construed truth.
Then, about a year ago, I was introduced to Islam, praise be to God.  I have been Continue reading

‘list of snacks ‘

Note: Here is a list that has been to us by a senior member of the community. This list by no means gives an indication that all the items on this list are halal. This list makes reference to those products that do not contain pork. As Muslims there are many that wish to not only abstain from pork but other animal products that have not been slaughtered through what can be termed as religiously sanctioned methods. This list makes matters easy towards the added nudge of finding out a little more as to the halal nature of products prior to consumption.

A list of snacks without Pork Enzymes (sent to site.)

Time: Tuesday April 12, 2011 at 12:34 pm

May you and your family be always blessed, Ameen.


brain teasers for the one with brains

Click here for the world of illusions. Beats doing other things doing your break Continue reading

Can you spare just 45 Minutes a week for your benifit?

Arabic classes by a native speaker

When: Saturday 11:30 am to 12:15 pm

Where: Khateeja Musjid Continue reading

Added information to your (spritually) healthy eating habits

Here is a great article for meat eaters or folks that want to eat EVERYTHING. For example, what is the position of consuming spinal marrow within the parameters of the religion? Do people really eat spinal marrow? Some cultures may have a preference for it, thus a dialogue has occurred relating to it amongst the senior scholars of the past. Continue reading