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don’t toy with the word ‘makruh’ to make yourself feel good

Q: Assalam alaikum
My question is reguarding meats. I have been told its mearly makruh to eat non zabiha slaughtered animals and its not a sin to eat from such places (meat or Continue reading

dog hairs and prayers

Q: salaam i have a problem the bottom of my abaya always has dog hair
(because there is a class for people to train dogs for blind people) Continue reading

Can I offer qurbani…

Q: Asalam  alaih kum  Brother  Can  I  offer  qurbani  on  our  Beloved  Rasool (SAW) name and  also  could  I  offer  Qurbani  on  my  late  father’s  name.
Time: Wednesday November 2, 2011 at 9:53 am

A: وعليكم السلام ورحمة الله وبركاته

Yes, you can offer one share (or one animal) for Rasool (SAW) and a separate share (or animal) for your father.

(A share if defined as follows: a cow (camel, baffolo) all have seven shares. You can single out a share from it for a person that is not living or for a living person with their conscent.)

Allah Certainly Knows Best.

‘What is Islams view on evolution’

Q: Salaaamu Alaykum, In the light of the Quran and Sunnah. What is Islams view on evolution. Do species evolve? if yes are they still evolving? Continue reading

‘eggs had blood on the shell’

Q: We bought eggs from a local farmer. Some of the eggs had blood on the shell. The insides are good.  Are such eggs halal or must we throw them away? (text) Continue reading

you may have to go to your local scholars on this one

Q: Salam, I wasn’t sure if the European halal development agency actually preform the slaughtering of animals the shariah way as it seem that they don’t actually mention a Muslim slaughtering the animal or the way EHDA members Continue reading

animal rights

Q:  Is it ok to kill an insect that may be in danger or suffering?  I often see insects in my house with broken wings, or spiders with missing legs… Is it allowed/merciful in Islam to kill such animals? Continue reading

killing an animal

Q: what is kafara of killing an animal such as cat in accident with car, vehicle Continue reading

Dogs and pictures (reduce the angels of mercy from entering)

Q1: Having just recently reverted to Islam, there is much for me to learn. Recently I was told that since there is a dog living in my house that my prayers will not be answered. Also, since there are family photos (of my children, parents, etc) that my prayers will not be answered. Would you please comment on this? Thank you (comment box) Continue reading

Muslims have also graduated to the general population, so why (must western nations) be paranoid about Muslims!

Q: Assalamu alikum sheikh,
I’m turning (age not disclosed by our site, however over 18)  in a few days and I have been masturbating for more than 10 years. I was sexually harassed by a male cousin when I was 9 or 8. The harassment was done by the same person Continue reading