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mahram and mother-in-law

Q: Can I be a mahram for my mother-in-law. It is for umrah. My wife cannot get of (work) for umrah? (Email) Continue reading

Umrah, zakat, and parents = bad idea

Q. We were at a get together. A lot of us are of the opinion that charity is good to give. Many of us give our parents our charity. Some debate has occurred. Can one give parents zakat? And why not if they are poor?  For example, my mom and dad have done do much for me and my sisters. Now that they are old, they really wanted to go for Umrah. They see friends going for Umrah and I can sense their desire to go too. They cannot afford to go. Can I buy the Umrah package with Zakat money for them to go for Umrah?

A. May Allah reward all children and parents for the good deeds they are doing towards each another. Moreso, those children who are upholding the sunnah and Quranic injunctions of being good to their parents at all times.

First of all, looking the 2008 rate for Umrah from the United States, it is not unusual for a person to spend in the range of $4,500. Adding a minimum of $1,000 for miscellaneous expenses, and you are into the cozy range of $6000! If this was also your Zakat amount to be given to the poor, then it would be fair to say that you are by no means a poor child! For example, a person gives $2,500 for every $100,000 on hand, (provided one qualifies by having the amount of nisab and has resources that makes one eligible for zakat!) So if it’s true that you are indeed legitimately qualified to give Zakat in the $6000 range, it can be ascertained that you are worth close to quarter million dollars.

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