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flowers pins or flower headbands on top of ones hijab — security issue

Q: Assalamu-alaikum Imam,
I was wondering what Islam says about puting flowers pins or flower headbands on top of ones hijab, just like one would do with their hair?
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‘colorful Hijab’

Q: Salamo alekom,

I live in Egypt and i’m 25 years old.

I’ve already read on the website the colorful Hijab is ok and not haram. Could you plz send me the proof of this from sunnah or maybe any strong hadith that allows colorful hijab?

The reason why i’m asking is because i like colors and wear a colorful hijab all the time, i don’t stick to one dark color!
Jazakom Allah
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Q: Salam
please excuse my inconvenience I always think of these Question’s  in my head when ever I see a Muslim women
1) why do muslim’s  girls wear hijab? 2) Why is it important to wear hijab? 3) Isn’t there a choice if you want to wear or not?  4) Why do some muslim women’s cover their all boby and face and just leave their eyes and some other muslim women’s just cover their boby and head but not their face? WHY
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Our youth seem to always want to do the right thing.

Q: asalamwalaikum….i want to ask that is covering our face with naqab is compulsary or can we jst wear a scarf?????without naqab…plz reply me

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Is being a surrogate for another couple allowed?

Q: As Salaamu Alaikum Warahmatullah Wabarakatuh,

I was wondering if being a surrogate for another couple who can not have a child be allowed in islam.

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Can a woman wear sandals

Q: A one word answer would be fine. I know you have major time issuess. You just never answer. Am i blocked. What did i do now?????? now you knowing that, 1) Can a woman wear sandals that xpose her feet? Age is 15.  2) Can her brother tear up the sandals. (email)

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How would adoption work in the United States by an Islamic couple?

Q: How would adoption work in the United States by an Islamic couple? Adoption is a common practice among Judeo-Christian faiths but from my knowledge, Muslims today seem to be cautious to adopt because of the complications it may cause. For example the child is not considered muhrim to the other family members and therefore he/she should not be left alone with family members of the opposite gender. It seems sad that because of these restrictions children don’t have the opportunity to be raised in an Islamic household. Of course foster parenting is always an option but it is generally only a short term solution until they may be placed with an adoptive family. In what instances would you recommend adoption? I realize that the prophet adopted a son, which is one of the reasons it is so appealing to me, however, current adoption systems don’t really favor that style of adoption making it difficult. How could a modern Muslim family make this work practically?

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menopause and head covering

Q: Is it true that a woman that is menopause does not have to cover her head in public? Does the quarn say this? She has a prominent position. Being a representative for islam i think she may be right. i am trying to convince my mother and sister. My mother zn sister are asking for proof. what is your opinion? you have only answered 3 out my 8 question. Am i blocked from your site? answermepelase Continue reading

veil me, here lies my beauty

Q: Okay, is the veil worn when i get my first menses? me and my sisters were debating when it must be done. When married? after first child? never? whenever? (text) Continue reading

Hijab — you are brave to turn sunnah into culture

Q: 1 Salaamu Alaykum,

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