flowers pins or flower headbands on top of ones hijab — security issue

Q: Assalamu-alaikum Imam,
I was wondering what Islam says about puting flowers pins or flower headbands on top of ones hijab, just like one would do with their hair?
Time: Monday May 30, 2011 at 2:31 pm

A: وعليكم السلام ورحمة الله وبركاته

‘Allah (SWT) is beautiful and loves beauty.’

Woman by nature do like to make themselves look attractive. This is a quality Allah (SWT) has placed in woman. Allah (SWT) has also set parameters as it relates to beautification and the manner one should represent themselves.  Every action of a believer should function as an ibadah (act of worship.) Doing things the correct way is important and rewarding.

Placing a pin to hold the scarf or hijab is permissible. To make it an attention getter would be forbidden (derived from ayah.)

In the privacy of your home you can be more creative with decorations — flowers, etc. Parents should ensure that there daughters get their fill with all types of in-home beautification. Many woman are made to not express their feminine side within the home and thus find the need to express it upon strangers or in public.  Muslims should always observant as to how the self is presented.
Allah Certainly Knows Best.
p.s. I recommend you go easy on the pins, etc. Airport security may not prove to be too secure for your hair/headgear. It proves hazardous for ‘national’ security. Lord only knows what our woman can do with their pins and flowers!

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  1. lol, good joke, but Imam, do you think the sister might be a bit confused? Muslims tend to take things literally…. I imagine she would read this and be like, “ok, so can I wear them or not”