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please excuse my inconvenience I always think of these Question’s  in my head when ever I see a Muslim women
1) why do muslim’s  girls wear hijab? 2) Why is it important to wear hijab? 3) Isn’t there a choice if you want to wear or not?  4) Why do some muslim women’s cover their all boby and face and just leave their eyes and some other muslim women’s just cover their boby and head but not their face? WHY
Time: Friday March 25, 2011 at 8:10 pm

A: 1)Modesty. Not to expose/flaunt ones beauty/outer aspects to strangers.

  • Additional response: The concept of hijab (in this context we are viewing scarf which covers the hair/head as bare minimum.) Over the centuries hijab underwent multiple layers of development. The idea of hijab always remained as part of covering and maintaining the dignity of a believing woman. The best scarf (hijab) represents that which conceals what needs to be concealed in a respectable manner. The extent and scarf-type is to represent the dignity of a Muslim woman. It would/could differ from one society to the next yet always functions to represents the environment she is part of without making her a target of hostility.’ (adapted from a previous post of ours.)

2) I would prefer to answer this question by virtue of an example we can all hopefully relate to: Do not be like a fruit all flies sit on. For Muslimah to be viewed as an object is not limited to mere touch, it also comprises of seeking out a glance due to attire that promotes ones ‘secret’ ornaments to be stared upon. Hijab for the record is not limited to that which covers the hair of woman alone. It generally extends beyond.

  • A personal case from Miami: Boy sends text to bride. She does not have her cell phone with her. The phone is left in the hotel room. The bride and groom enter their personal hotel room four hours after the nikah to better acquaint themselves. The message from a former ‘boy’ that refused to propose to her sent the following message: ‘you look (xxx) tonight. Had I known you looked so (xxx) {attractive} I would have proposed for you.’  The newly wedded male got so upset when he read this on her phone which almost resulted in an immediate breakup. The same night her father as part of the ‘reconciliation’ to save his child’s marriage took her phone away. The wound on both sides still remains. Her past is now brought up repeatedly. Turn your child into an object or into a figure of public display; s/he would be treated as such. You only harvest what you sow.’

3) In secular countries all types of choice exist. The question remains: what is the correct choice? Expose or limit exposure? We prefer a conservative approach.
4)The more you eliminate for public viewing, the better of you are.
Allah certainly Knows Best.
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