menopause and head covering

Q: Is it true that a woman that is menopause does not have to cover her head in public? Does the quarn say this? She has a prominent position. Being a representative for islam i think she may be right. i am trying to convince my mother and sister. My mother zn sister are asking for proof. what is your opinion? you have only answered 3 out my 8 question. Am i blocked from your site? answermepelase

A: The quran that is part of ahle sunnah wal jamat does not hold such a claim to be true. To say that Allah states that a woman at or above menopause does not need to cover her head in public is a fabrication. To insist on such a claim would lead to kufr. Such a person must say their shahadah again. To lie regarding Allah (SWT) is just not allowed.

Being prominent is not a criteria  for Islam nor is it indicative of ones knowledge as releated to Quran, Tafseer and fiqh and sunnah. Firown was prominent, this does not make him worthy of being followed! Prominence is not a criterian for religious verdicts. Islam or any true religion does not function of personal intuition or whims of its citizenry. Such thinking only leads to greater chaos.

Added note: your mother is a smart woman. She would be correct in requesting the sister to send us her ayah of reference as linked to credible tafseers backed up by the lifestyle choices of female sahabiya as related to the removal of head-covering for a menopausal woman in public settings that remain inclusive of male non-relative counterparts.

For you to request your sisters  prior to seeking proof is an insult to your basic religious dignity. I applaud them for their seeking of proofs as related to the validity of the sisters claim. They are courageous to stand up to a ‘man’ as yourself. To me this is seeking ‘prominence’ in the sight of the Almighty.

Allah Certainly Knows Best.

p.s. My opinion does not matter. It is what the religion demands for those that choose to follow it. Woman are welcome to dress as they please in secular settings. More skin generally does equal higher ratings. Personal choices cannot be imposed upon religion, just as religion should not impose itself in settings that prohibit its existence. Just as ‘fundamentalism’ is frowned upon, so is confused ‘liberalism.’ Whats for the goose is for the gander.


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