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Q: I need a sharie hila. A way out of a situation. We got divroeced 5 years ago. I was 19 when we married. She was 15. Long story. It happened in (xxxxx) (overseas.) She never married. She did have offers.  I had some issues back then. She is really pious. I have never found a person like her in my 5 years. I regret my divorce. I asked her father if she would marry me. After 1 year they agreed. I went for therapy. They asked me before they said yes if the my therapy was recored and they could contact the therapist. I did say yes. Record of the therapy was sent to her family. they dont want to get hurt again. me too. She had me talk to her brothers. I have changed my ways. How can we do halalah without being cursed by doing it. this is the only thing her father is asking. and i also do not want to get cured by and have my marriage cursed. You get my point? She too has agreed to this email with her parents’ approval.

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skinny dipping?!

Q: on my honeymoon wud going with my husband skinny dipping be allowed? Continue reading

go through list of questions

‘in Shaban the riziq and provisions are planned’

Q: Salam Alaikum Imam,

I heard that in Shaban the riziq and provisions are planned for the following year. Can you explain more? And I know that this Shaban is almost over so my Continue reading

can you live with yourself if you lead a person on towards wrong?

Many have seen more than a few of these folks.

no clue what you are asking

Q:Assalam walaicum….I have a question regarding mariege.I love this grl n the grl loves me as well…From my family my mom likes the grl alot but the grl i like Continue reading

some things are not only for fasting persons

Q: Is masturbating harma in fasting? If I did not ejaculate by holding it back would also break my fast? Alsi, how do I make my fast by looking at a girl/boy? Anser me as both views fe/male (Text) Continue reading

kiss me, thereafter i have to clean me

Q: I kissed my husband on the cheeks, does my fast break? Whudu break? (shafee answer pealse) (text) Continue reading

pants and woman

Q: Can a Muslim Woman wear Pants? Continue reading

‘cannot go to sleep’

Q: Assalam Alaikum
Hope this message reaches you with good health and iman inshallah.  I was wondering if there are certain duas, that you know of specifically for difficulty of sleeping.  Some days, I just cannot go to sleep and probably average 3-4 hours Continue reading