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‘make-up while fasting’

Q: Is it okay to wear make-up while fasting?
Time: Thursday August 4, 2011 at 2:14 am

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cannot always buy your way out

Q: Asalam wo Allikum
I am pregnant women  and I could not fast during holy Ramadan. Continue reading

‘if muhurum is a month of mourning’

Q: ¬†Assalamalaikum Imam, I was wondering if muhurum is a month of mourning because of the war that took place and killed the prophet (SAW)’s grandchildren Continue reading

i want to stop being haunted on happy days

Q: salam alykim shiek,

I did not fast Tuesday thinking it was eid. When I came to the masaajid on wednessday and saw the eid crowd and that Islamic society did not place attacks Continue reading

6 fast of shawaal

Q: 1) In ramadhaan I had my menses. So i want to know imaam for shawal fast the 6 you mentioned in khutba do makeup first or keep shawal fast first then Continue reading

Imaam learns how to backflip religion on eid matters

Q: please answer this, we are confused confused and students at the (university name withheld.) If an imaam tells us to follow moon sighting. Now he changes and tells us that we must Continue reading

diabetic patient and fasting

Q: If a diabetic patient takes an insulin shot, does this break the fast?

A: No.

Allah Certainly Knows Best