Q: I need a sharie hila. A way out of a situation. We got divroeced 5 years ago. I was 19 when we married. She was 15. Long story. It happened in (xxxxx) (overseas.) She never married. She did have offers.  I had some issues back then. She is really pious. I have never found a person like her in my 5 years. I regret my divorce. I asked her father if she would marry me. After 1 year they agreed. I went for therapy. They asked me before they said yes if the my therapy was recored and they could contact the therapist. I did say yes. Record of the therapy was sent to her family. they dont want to get hurt again. me too. She had me talk to her brothers. I have changed my ways. How can we do halalah without being cursed by doing it. this is the only thing her father is asking. and i also do not want to get cured by and have my marriage cursed. You get my point? She too has agreed to this email with her parents’ approval.

A: Do not agree to hallah yourself prior to nikah.

Have a third party do the contract for the both of you. There is no prohibition of a third party doing the agreement for the both of you.

Example: your janitor goes up to the woman’s father and states the following: Zaid (third party male that is new for her) would love to marry your daughter hinda. Janitor also goes to Zaid and tells him, after the act of Halalah (intercourse), would you be kind enough to divorce her. If he agrees to do it, this would eliminate you and your ex-wife planning this event in the manner that would gain the wrath of Allah directly.

Allah Certainly Knows Best.

p.s. Kindly refrain from asking us for loopholes, it does not make me very comfortable. I did it because she seems like a good person. Do not exploit her kindness due to a mere apology.

p.s. This answer is for muslims living under the islamic banner. Follow the laws of your country without creating greater problems for yourself.

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