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the type of wo/man you marry would affect your deen!

Q:alhamdulillah i m a muslim guy.i love a hindu girl and i want to mrry her.she is ready to accept islam.can we marry???
Time: Wednesday August 10, 2011 at 10:39 pm
A: Being a Muslim is not enough. Muslims have responsibilities that go with being part of the islamic faith.

  • A muslim cannot marry a mushrik — those that worship idols. This law is derived from the Quran. Marriage blends two people and their families on a very significant level. You must attempt to ensure that she would change for the best and be a helping hand in making you the best Muslim ever.
  • If she becomes a muslim and there is compatibility, then under ideal conditions there would be no restriction upon such a marriage.

As recommendation: she must convert, learn and practice Islam for more than a few months.  If you feel adultery would be impossible, then in such a situation, her conversation and your immediate marriage to her would be religiously accepted.

I urge you to go with her to a religiously sensitive scholar and discuss the matter. Do not go alone with her. Go with members from her family. Allow her to ask all the necessary questions and address all her concerns so you can make the most educated decision.
Allah Certainly Knows Best.

new muslim woman matters

Q: Salam Aleikum,

I am a college-aged female, raised in Utah and California.  I left the religion I was born into a few years ago, because I felt that it was a construed truth.
Then, about a year ago, I was introduced to Islam, praise be to God.  I have been Continue reading

‘Message has not reached them in the clearest form’

Q:  AS Salaamu Alaikum Warahmatullah wabarakatuh,
I have read an article and its states the following,  there are people who have not received the Message of Islam/guidance at all or the Message has not reached them in the clearest form, i.e. it is incomplete or distorted. These people are called Ahlul Fatrah and will be excused and not be punished by Allah SWT, even though there are misguided. I am  little lost on this yaa Sheikh, why wouldn’t they be punished when they are misguided?
Time: Tuesday July 26, 2011 at 8:05 pm

Answer: (Response by Br Yassir Butt. (May Allah (SWT) bless him and protect him and his family, Ameen.)

There is no such thing as ahl ul fitrah with a distorted message fitrah is the natural path which the prophet SAW noted when he said

كل مولود يولد على الفطرة

“Every child is born on fitrah than his parents are the one who change his natural religion from natural Islam to Judaism or Christianity”

With that said anyone who has not received the message of Islam they according to some scholars are called ahl ul Araaf and they will be given a test on the day of judgement of obidience and based on their performance on that test their fate will be decided by the all mighty Allah.  Allah deals with everything justly even if our feeble minds cannot contemplate or recognize it.  والله اعلم

azan is a link to prayer, and a praying person is a friend of Allah (SWT)

Q: As-salam Aleikum
I am interested in Islam and listen to the Azam in the morning. My heart is filled and I cry. I am on a journey to seek spiritual truth and my path is leading me towards Islam.
What do you suggest as a next step?
Time: Monday December 13, 2010 at 10:07 pm Continue reading

Make your weekend fun. kindly answer whatever you chose to and share a helping hand the curious mind

Q: My name is Stephen (XXXXXXX), I am a Senior at BYU studying Middle East Studies and Arabic.  I am in a class at the moment where we are doing a research project on conversion from one faith to another. I would like to ask you some questions to help our research if you would be willing to help out. Continue reading

‘word gymnastics.’

Q: Assalamu alikum wa rhamtullah Imam,
I hope you’re having a blessed day. I really like the new snow look on the website, but it gives me this girrr feeling.
Imam, my professor has two other questions that I answered. So insha’Allah please check them for me so insha’Allah I am not saying something wrong, and if I did, then it’s your turn to teach me. Continue reading

Here are what some call: ‘set up questions for interfaith students’

I wrote earlier, but my question wasn’t responded to. But on reflection I have several questions, and I would really like a response in order to better understand the Muslim (Islamic) religion, and the general culture of the people who follow it. Please do not think that I am judging you, or begin cruel, but there are conflicts between what I have been taught, and what I have seen, and I believe that in order to form an honest opinion about Muslims, I should probably ask you about your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs. Again, I have hundreds of questions about Islam, but I will limit myself to 3, for now. Continue reading

‘Do Arab men truly not care about the opinions of women.’ I am sorry she says (Thank you!) Muslims will accept this apology! See MSA contribution that fits in just as neatly at the end…

Comment/Concern: While working I met a man of Islam. He was very kind to me, and always treated me with respect, patience, and attentiveness. I am an American woman (Divorced with children) and have always been taught that Arab men are abusive and controlling, and that for single women to touch them is considered highly offensive. So, despite his manners I avoided touching him at all costs, and only responded to his questions and conversation cautiously. When I last saw him I happened to take my break at the same time he came into my store. We ended up having lunch together, and he told me about his desires to marry and re-settle in Orem, Utah. He spoke of his love for children, and he complemented me on the beauty of my own children. His timing could not have been worse, and my manner in responding to him could not have been more shameful. Continue reading

this answer is from you — the public

Q: I only speak english and i am a new muslim of a few months.

but since then i am very discourged. i’ve seen hypocrasy and 2 faces which in some since can be one in the same. however i am from a very christian background and that is the only thing right now i can draw reference from i am still learning the quran so please forgive me. my question is this which master? do people see which master they serve? when we let our anger,gossip(2 faces),hypocrite saying one thing and doing another, rule our lives do we see that is the wrong master? or are they just playing games with allah? thinking well i pray 5 times a day so allah will forgive me. but, do they really know that allah sees their hearts and does not forgive the revolving sin? in the bible there is 10 commandments given to moses and i am sure the quran has that reference too but i have not read that part yet but when we gossip about someone and ruin their character that is spiritually killing them and that is against allah right? love, peace, patients, kindness is allah not hate, jealously, rage. As Allah taught us through the prophets right?

Time: Thursday August 26, 2010 at 6:46 am Continue reading

‘couple is not practicing or learning Islam’

Q: A born Muslims girl from a very good family fell in love with an Athiest boy (same age 17) and started to live with his family and wanted to marry each other. The Muslims mother cried and finally asked them to convert so that they can at least marry in a muslim way (nikah). The boy and girl said yes and got married when they were 19 in a Mosque. Now some say that after the marriage, the couple is not practicing or learning Islam and keeping the same routine they had before. Her sister once said that the girl once said that there is no God and she does not believe in any organised religion. But when she talks to her family, she says salam and Khudahafiz etc. What is this Muslim family supposed to do in this case? They pray everyday that they become Muslim openly and practice it as much as possible.
What this world is coming to. May Allah save our children from such disaster.
Thank you and ma’salam.

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