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i really do not think that a ‘true’ scholar said the following. i think it is a set up!

Q: If a scholar said that I live in Miami but started my islamic month with Makkah and cannot change now and must follow Makkah for my eid. And is forcing our whole family to do with Makkah because he is head of household with greatest knowledge. Is this reasonable? What should the adult children do. (email) Continue reading

Al Jazeera, NASA, Sheikh(s) ibn Othaymeen, Abdallah al Mani

The following was a question and answer session executed by Br Yasir Butt. Copy of it has been hereby enclosed as forwarded to us. (Portion of it may be slightly modified for flow by

Q:Did you start Shabaan right? Some people started shaban on the 23rd of July (Thursday) while some on the 24th of July 2008 (Friday)?

A: Since the Rasool SAW says: “safeguard the sighting of shabaan so can start Ramadhan right” hadith is authentic in mustadrak hakim volume 1 page 586 published by dar kutub ilmiyya in 1990 edition.

حدّثنا أبو بكر بن إسحاق الفقيه ، أنبأ إسماعيل بن قتيبة ، ثنا يحيى بن يحيى ، أنبأ أبو معاوية ، عن محمد بن عمرو ، عن أبي سلمة ، عن أبي هريرة قال: قال رسول الله: «احْصوا هِلالَ شَعْبانَ لِرَمضانَ». صحيح على شرط مسلم ولم يخرجاه.

المستدرك على الصحيحين

جزء 1

صفحة 586

The 24th of July 2009 is the 1st of Shabaan no doubt, Insha Allah. Consider what the scholars say so we do not fall prey to our emotions.

It is IMPOSSIBLE TO DESIGNATE THURSDAY the 23rd of July 2009 as the first day of Shaban according to Sheikh ibn Othaymeen (Allah have mercy on him) because the day before it the 22nd of July 2009 was a total solar eclipse (when the moon is between the earth and the Sun) Continue reading

Oh, Back to the Moon

Q. What is the position of the Muslims in Utah regarding the moon sighting? Do your feel that we must become scientific and follow calculations? Or do your feel the sunnah method is the best?

A. Since the issue pertains to religion, al-Islam, it would be best to follow the sunnah method regarding issues that pertain to the moon. Calculations should be used by scholars with the help of the scientific community so as to determine if people are false in their claims of having sighted the moon.

Allah Certainly Knows Best.

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Another phase of the moon

Q. What is your opinion of the sightings of some places? Places like Chicago and Canada have accepted for Dhul-Qiddah to have 29 days; yet, we’ve heard of other imaams like yourself who are saying that we must complete 30 days of Dhul-Qiddah. What is your problem? Or what is their problem? Can you read this and evaluate this for us:
Continue reading


Q. Due to advances in techno, why do we have to see the moon with the naked eye?  Why not follow calculation and do something better with our time than go and look for the moon?

A. First off, to look for the moon is sunnah.  Can you find a better thing to do than follow a sunnah?  Second of all, Muslims knew mathematics and thus knew how to count as well. Despite this knowledge,
Rasulullah (Sallallaahu alayhi wa sallam) said:

Fast when you see the moon (Ramadhan) and break your fast when you see the moon (Shawwal).

Thus, Muslims have a duty to go and look the moon of Ramadaan (and, indeed, all other months). Should the moon not be visible, they must begin Ramadaan after the completion of the 30th day of shabaan.  Doing so utilizing other methods would be a violation of shariah, thus causing for a negation of the first fast, as well as Taraweeh.

Allah certainly knows best.

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A race to the moon

Q. We want to follow Saudi Arabia for the following of Ramadan and Hajj. Africans, Indians, Pakistanis, some Bengali  and a few other narrow minded bigoted groups refuse to follow Saudi Arabian reports of moon sighting.

A. Dear brother, may Allah bless you for your letter of complaint comprising of three pages. Sadly, time does not permit me to read much of it, or to post all of it. We are not a debate team, nor are we into convincing you of anything. After being relaxed, cool and calm, we would like you to observe the reports of Should anything not be clear for you, or should you lack the ability to comprehend basic facts, ask us to clarify that which you cannot comprehend, and we would be glad to be of assistance to you. Should you like resend us your question, please do so without any racial or culturally biased opinions or remarks.

My beloved brother, Islam loves a healthy relations’ with facts. Let’s keep it simple yet tasteful. Are we game?

Allah certainly knows best.

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Back to the moon

Q. Do you folks agree with this article that is in response to ISNA? Is the data within it correct?

A: Thus far, we have no proof to differ with the article you have so kindly sent to us. Its data is valuable. May Allah reward you for the article and insight it should present to our audience. May Allah (subhanahu wa ta’aala) also reward you for your straight-forward question. Wassalam.

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Allah certainly knows best.