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witr salah, do i just stand or do i read something?

Q: Assalamu alaikum,

Here in our Masjid we do not make Dua Qunoot out loud in witr prayer after taraweeh. What are you required to do or say after the Imaam says Allahu Akbar and everyone folds their hands and stands silently. Do you simply make your own dua in any language? Why is that time period so short? In Haram people raise their hands for dua, here it is folded, why? Jazakallahu khair!

Time: Saturday August 21, 2010 at 11:15 am

Q: Do I say amen loud in dua e qunoot? (text)

Q: Imaam I always read witr salah two rakats and one rakat. I have researched the matter and sense without prejudice shows me that both ways are correct. Also our Imam who is arab acknowledges that both methods are correct. I am still confused because he says both ways are correct but never fixers a dua when I know that the three rakat str8 method has a fixing of a dua. Do I just still  pray my own dua? What do I do? Also what is your opinion  as to the both ways. Any you give preference to? (email)

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Q: I am a female. I am shafaee. Is the face covering necessary? I was told by a shafee scholar that we do not need to cover our faces in America because it would casue big problems. Any help to clear the matter? FYI: You know this scholar very well Continue reading

how much water do i need for whudu?

Q: I am a shafee student.  In America i am told that as long as my intention is good Allah would accept whatever I do. My Imaam in  XXXXXXXXX (country name omitted) gave us the minimum amount of water we needed for whudu. Can you please  help me. I travel a lot. I drive taxi to pay for my school. I want to know what is the minimum amount of water I need for wudhu when i travel? Can i do tayamom?

A: The least amount of water needed for you would be .51 liters of water. (source: shafee fiqh)

Tayamum would not apply in the presence of water.

Allah Certainly knows Best.

(Get your answers from people that care about religion and you, not those that wish to make rulings into a dance.)

.51 L = 0.134727 gal(US Liq)
OR 0 gal(US Liq) and 1.07 pt (US Liq)