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kissing and whudhu

Q: At the U I sent you a written question. I gew up shafee and in Utah I am getting all these people that make up laws and it is really confusing me. I did send you and email and you never got back to me. But I really need to know. I feel my prayers are being affected. My husband and I and both shafee. He says that if he kissed me without touching me our whudu would not break. Is this correct? Does the answer differ between muhrim and ghair muhrim. Shafee answer. Continue reading

experimenting is fine *between spouses*, breaking your cherished values is not

Q: I just wanted to ask when a man and women are married in islam is it allowed for a husband to experiment with sex on his wife? For example they Continue reading

mehr and kula are seperate issues

Q assalam alaikum,
my sister-inlaw took khula from my brother and is refusing to return the mehr. Continue reading

good idea or bad

Q: shaadi (marriage) without istkhikara is good idea or bad
istikhara ka saath shaadi Continue reading

your matter runs way deeper


i have a situation that i want marry soon as i have found a good partner alhumdulilah and i am 20 but the only thing is stopping me as i am the youngest Continue reading

some may say you have gotten played

Q: I have recently got married to someone i have known for 5 years. After being married for 6 weeks i found out that he has a 1 year old child with another Continue reading

17 and marriage

Q:Asalamu Alaykum Wa’Rahmatullahi Wa’Barakatu,

Insh’Allah I want get married in a year or two, but I am confused ¬†and don’t Continue reading