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i have a situation that i want marry soon as i have found a good partner alhumdulilah and i am 20 but the only thing is stopping me as i am the youngest one in family and i have 5 other siblings in front of me to get married first. I am very Scared telling my parents i have found someone as i know they will reject for no valid reason at all.

And they are planning to get me married to someone else who i have rejected  a couple of times due to being my First cousin from Both side of parents family.Since my parents are first cousin i have alot of genetic illnesses. and i was advise by my DR not to marry my first Cousins at all as it will effect my offspring in future.

None of my Siblings are married due to my parents keep rejecting and now my eldest sibling (age 32) doesn’t  want to marry now as he been waiting a long time to get married and he has given up and my second eldest sister(age 30) wants to marry of her own choice but they rejected because they care about what people say.
I know i am Young Girl but i rather be married then in future be in sins.

IS there any dua i can pray to fulfil my wish inshallah.

Also is a girl allowed to marry with out parents permission when parents give no valid reason as it is her islamic right to marry and wants to fulfil her islamic duty.

Jazakallah for reading this.


Time: Wednesday January 4, 2012 at 8:35 am

A: وعليكم السلام ورحمة الله وبركاته

It apprars that your family has certain issues that need to be resolved. Some families just have a hard time letting go of their daughters. Yet others just wish to get rid of them from a tender age, thus some mothers start the match making from the time the child is young. Our Prother (SAW) made it clear that children are a test, in this given context, it means that we must strike a balance between letting our children go and keeping them when things seem unsafe.

Upon taking the appropriate blood tests and it can be made clear by health proffesionals that in your case getting married to a specific person would prove harmful, then only can a possible rejection occur, for in Islam we cannot place ourselves in harms way. It does appear that your doctor has acted in line with such thinking. One must also realize, the data shared by doctors is not infallible. This too should be noted as you make your decision.

I think your decision to not marry X and choose Y is not based on valid religious grounds. Kindly rethink your marital future.

Parental consent.

Allah Certainly Knows Best.

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