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The ‘Istikhara was not favourable’ part is your answer

Q: Assalamualaikum wa rahmatullah wa barakatuh,

I was introduced to a brother for the purpose of marriage.  We met in the presence of family and both sides were ready to move forward, Alhamduilllah. Continue reading

give her the mehr and then move on

Q: Asalamualakum,

Pl. reply to my question, i ll be thank ful..
in case of divorce bw man and women, is mehar given to wife, in case Continue reading

dad died, does that end my iddah?

Q: My dad died three weeks ao. A week before he died my parents were divorced. My mother was in her iddah when dad died. Now that my dad died Continue reading

UK and pakistan attempt marital bliss

Q: Assalamu Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuhu,

Dear Respected Brother,

I was hoping to receive your advice regarding some marital issues.
I have recently got married but I am really doubting whether or  not I made the right decision. After seeing just one picture of my wife, I decided to get married Continue reading

bathing matter

Q: Asalam alikum, i am embarrassed to ask this question. i am newly married and my friends to can benefit from it to. If a little bit o seminal discharge after Continue reading

Deny your feelings, this email could be from your child!

Q: Assalam alejkum imam, I have a simple question for you… I would like to get married by our traditional ways here in salt lake city…can u explain to me what, Continue reading

learn to let go brother

Q:  Asalamualikum ! My Question is I Like a girl from past two years of time . She also Like me very much we both convinced with each other, But due to my & her family Problems we have not moved to further option for Nikaha. Continue reading