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‘leading Tahajjud Prayers with my wife’

Q: If I am leading Tahajjud Prayers and my wife is standing behind me. Do I recite Quran Loudly or Do I recite Quran silentlyl? Continue reading

‘in Shaban the riziq and provisions are planned’

Q: Salam Alaikum Imam,

I heard that in Shaban the riziq and provisions are planned for the following year. Can you explain more? And I know that this Shaban is almost over so my Continue reading

for those that claim: ‘someone does magic on me’

For those that claim ‘bad’ things are happening to them. Listen to this (CLICK HERE) if you limited on time, try to listen at least once a week.  Continue reading

itikalf — woman

Q: As Salaamu Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh,
I pray that i can get the answer to this inshaAllah before the last 10 days are gone. I was looking forward for itikaaf at the masjid for the last 10 days of Continue reading

‘confused as to the schools of thought’

Q: Assalamalaikum, I am confused as to the schools of thought. I have heard that every Muslim should follow one but how do you really decide which school Continue reading

fingers or beads

Q: Sallam Alaikum Sheikh, one of the sheiks told me that it is not permissible to use the tesbih in doing zikr. I am confused about this because I see so many fellow muslim borthers using the tesbih. Even my Emir used it and never mention anything about this. This Sheikh’s argument is that tesbih’s weren’t used Continue reading

Dogs and pictures (reduce the angels of mercy from entering)

Q1: Having just recently reverted to Islam, there is much for me to learn. Recently I was told that since there is a dog living in my house that my prayers will not be answered. Also, since there are family photos (of my children, parents, etc) that my prayers will not be answered. Would you please comment on this? Thank you (comment box) Continue reading

mehr — pay up men before Allah makes you pay it up

Q: what is the maximum time to give mehr to one’s wife and is it compulsion to give?
Time: Wednesday February 23, 2011 at 5:11 am Continue reading

doing it is great, do not view it as a ‘must’

Q:  Assalamualiqum. Regarding Tahiyatul Masjid: Prophet Mohammad (p.b.o.h) said:’when you enter the mosque do not sit down without praying Tahiyatul Masjid’ (Bukhari & Muslim Sharif). So, it is a sunnah, is it not?
Thanks in advance for the valued comments. Would appreciate receiving the reply via e-mail. Allah hafez.

Time: Sunday January 2, 2011 at 10:35 am Continue reading

we seldom respond to all comments

Comment by an Texter: Imaam can you help justify the comment just placed on line? Its on your site, do you stand by it 100%? So cann you tell us what are smart questions and dumb questions? I really thought the question was good. I am myself a new muslim and trying to do the right thing. Sorry we are stupid for all smartness of those you have online. (Text)

Answer: Here you all go.