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mehr — pay up men before Allah makes you pay it up

Q: what is the maximum time to give mehr to one’s wife and is it compulsion to give?
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doing it is great, do not view it as a ‘must’

Q:¬† Assalamualiqum. Regarding Tahiyatul Masjid: Prophet Mohammad (p.b.o.h) said:’when you enter the mosque do not sit down without praying Tahiyatul Masjid’ (Bukhari & Muslim Sharif). So, it is a sunnah, is it not?
Thanks in advance for the valued comments. Would appreciate receiving the reply via e-mail. Allah hafez.

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we seldom respond to all comments

Comment by an Texter: Imaam can you help justify the comment just placed on line? Its on your site, do you stand by it 100%? So cann you tell us what are smart questions and dumb questions? I really thought the question was good. I am myself a new muslim and trying to do the right thing. Sorry we are stupid for all smartness of those you have online. (Text)

Answer: Here you all go.

blood and prayer

Q: Ok, so i need to know tis. how much blood is permissible on a person when praying salaah? I ask due to a cut i had and did not notice it until after salaah and the salah was over and i noticed it. Continue reading

‘dua for children under the age of puberty,’ dua after salah, etc.

Q: Assalamualikum Warahmatullahi Wabarkatu

1) What is the ruling regarding the permissibility of dua for children under the age of puberty at the grave yard?

2)If it is permissible, are there any restrictions which type of dua can only recited and not all duas (example: dua e magfirat should not be make for child because he is sinless or can make dua of shifaat for us and nothing else)?

3) In general, what is the ruling regarding imam making dua after fard salah with jamaah? Is it also necessary that a khutbah and speech should read before doing any dua with congregation?

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dua at the look of Ka’ba, kiss stone, do i should my needs

Q: Bismillah
Assalamu alaykum wa rahmatullah Shaykh,

I have been receiving e-mails (via a group which I didn’t subscribe to) from a wahabi (who seems to really want to help educate muslims). Although she mentions a few good points, I get very distressed reading how she says several incorrect ¬†things about islam. I am pasting two of her most recent e-mails below. How does one respond to this person? I’ve tried a couple times before & she started criticizing non-wahabi Shuyukh (i.e., certain Hanafi ulama). Is it obligatory/ recommended for me to correct her incorrect beliefs?
JazakAllah khair.

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new imaams forgets to sit

Q: Question regarding last year. Our new Imaam was nervous. heforgot to sit between the kutba for the eid. Should this salah been repeated? Or khutba? (email)

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