Christmas song to build up sales

Q: As Salaamu Alaikum warahmatullah wabarakatuh respected Imam,
I work at the Retail and they play music the entire shift. when i deal with customers,I am not able to concentrate on the music. however, when the bussiness is slow and nothing to do at work, Shaytan always make me listen to it. my question is, can i recite dua,Qur’an or make Istighfarah in my heart while the Music is on?

Time: Tuesday December 14, 2010 at 6:24 pm

A: وعليكم السلام ورحمة الله وبركاته

  • Request them to lower the volume, if making such a request is beyond your control, you are welcome to recite whatever is necessary to help keep you away from the ploys that would favor you to forget your Creator.
  • Read that which is necessary in a soft tone, do not cause a disturbance to those around you.

Allah Certainly Knows Best.

4 responses to “Christmas song to build up sales

  1. worried mother

    As-salaam-alaikum. Forgive me for saying this but, do you do EVERYTHING in your life according to the teachings of Islam? Do you never watch television nor listen to any music? If so, then I suppose this music will trouble you, but, I find some of the questions asked on this website are a bit silly. I say this not with any malicous intent, really. I think that it is easy to ignore a lot of things that surround you in life that are not related to us as Muslims. Mostly the holiday music is not religious and is like a Frosty the Snowman or Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer type but, if you are just a salesperson at a retail store you can get another job somewhere else that does not have the music. I am sure if they play music during the Christmas season they must play other music during the rest of the season, right? By feeling compelled to recite anything aloud you will not feel good about working in this place and you will seem totally anti-Christian and we do believe in Christianity. You can always change your situation if it bothers you that much. Also, do you prevent contact with females at this job? Not possible, right? People wish me a Merry Christmas when I shop or go tomy local grocery store and I just reply happy holidays. I think we Muslims need to be kinder and less rigid as long as it does not take away from our beliefs in Islam and make us less of a Muslim. If a non-Muslim friend got married or had a baby would we not say Congratulations and wish them well? Islam is a beautiful religion and not so rigid. If in public, at a park for instance, I have to hear rap music because it is not in my control, a little Christmas music would be okay. We need to be a little more interafaith orientated and not get so easily disturbed. If you ask for the music to be lowered in volume just indicate that it affects your ability to converse with the customers. Again, if that is truly the case and it is UNHOLY music for Muslims.

    • Comment by an Texter: Imaam can you help justify the comment just placed on line? Its on your site, do you stand by it 100%? So cann you tell us what are smart questions and dumb questions? I really thought the question was good. I am myself a new muslim and trying to do the right thing. Sorry we are stupid for all smartness of those you have online. (Text)

      Our Response to texters: وعليكم السلام ورحمة الله وبركاته
      *Usually those that place their comments intend good. We are all learning together. Comments placed have little to do with my agreeing or disagreeing with it. I stand by my original answer, unless said otherwise by me or those that are in-charge of this site. However, here are my added comments as requested by you and others:
      *Most of what has been said by ‘worried mother’ is agreed by us; however, here are clarifications that need to be extended from our side:
      *Not doing everything in line with Islam does not negate wanting to improve in a particular area. The comment: ‘I find some of the questions asked on this website are a bit silly….’ Worried mother must understand that some may ask ‘silly’ questions but these silly questions get their feet wet with religious matters and gets them interested in Islam, the musjid, or wanting to eventually do the right thing. This is what I have noticed. Correcting an area of a person’s life (e.g. abstaining from vices of music, not dating, gambling, drinking, face-booking, etc.) is so much loved by Allah that He helps change a person in assisting the person to remove other negatives as well, causing for an individual as well as collective change. Today it is music; tomorrow it is something more serious. So we appreciate people wanting to nip a bad habit at the bud. Sure, one may never get the music to be turned down or entirely eliminated, but taking a wrong as wrong and working with it as best as one can is greatly rewarding – as deduced from Hadith.
      *Everyone cannot get another job merely because they do not like something. Likewise, I seldom advice skipping from job to job, for this is not the right way nor the solution to life situations. To encourage this even remotely does not add up to good religious or societal values. As Muslims, I admire our youth wanting to work with current realities and blend into western ‘culture’ without sacrificing what they value as personal and correct. This is what makes America the great country it is. In my experience, interfaith folks are acknowledging of this. I believe that if the questioner was truly ridged, they would have would have not worked and/or quit their job a long time ago. But again, we all want to do the right thing, thus the question posed to us.
      *Most of the scholars of jurisprudence agree, music is music, be it religious or not, be it ‘Christmassy, halowweene,’ etc. By the definition of that which constitutes music, voluntarily listening to music must be abstained. Music contributes towards hypocrisy (Hadith), as well as other unwanted societal ills.
      *I thank the original questioner, ‘worried mother’ and the many texts seeking our position on this matter.

  2. worried mother

    As-salaam-alaikum. I am sorry for causing anyone any distress for my comment “silly question” and I had already indicated that my intent was not malicious. Forgive me, first and foremost. Responding in email sometimes, due to trying to concise words, can express a tone that really is not the intent. I was merely commenting that music in the background of your job is a minor thing and we should focus on bettering ourselves as Muslims on the larger things that we sometimes overlook. As a new Muslim, the five pillars of Islam, being a good example as a Muslim, eating Halal Zabiha food not just staying away from haram, and since you are a convert it is important to be more interfaith orientated, too because you can understand your previous faith and Islam better than us. I find that things we have no control over, like music at work, Christmas gatherings (another topic), associations with non-Muslims because we are a minority, just need to have its place in our lives that should not make our lives difficult nor take away from our beliefs in practicing Islam. If you focus on the smaller things then you will be overwhelmed and does the music make you lesser of a Muslim? Imam will always respond with what is right in Islam, I support him 150%, he is the scholar and he will always encourage us to seek the true path of righteousness in Islam; as a mother and brought up in America who has to work in a non-Muslim society I am just stating that there are some realities and ways to be a good Muslim and not be overwhelmed. If you were female, for instance, Islam would indicate that you should not be working where you have to interact with males and you should live a more simpler life and do without the income, if possible but, this is not always practical sometimes and we would explain working to our Creator (swt) as to why we had to do this. We obvioiusly, would not choose to work in the female clothing department or lingirie department, etc. as a male but, having to deal with both sexes at a job is not within our control. I just want our youth and in your case a new convert, to focus on the important things in Islam and achieve this and not think Islam as a rigid way of life. It is not. Even Islam allows us to eat pork after three days if we have no food. So, you see, rather than silly, I mean minor maybe. Again, I am sorry for any offense. This is a comment section, I do not claim to be a scholar, I just know some Muslim converts that have found the smaller details too much for them to handle and thereby have left the whole practice of Islam. I respect how difficult it is to come to a new religion and way of life for you, I don’t know how far you have already come, but focus on the bigger picture and as the years go by, you will be able to choose your work, Insha-Allah, and pray for that. You will be able to dictate music being played as a manager or supervisor or Engineer, or doctor or lawyer or the business owner, itself, Insha-Allah. You will be able to be an activist to indicate it is something that is not being fair to all faiths and that it is not interfaith orientated and offends other customers that are not celebrating Christmas or that you would like them to be fair and play Islamic religious songs, too. If you do not want to listen to ANY music as mandated by Islam then, you will have to excercise your religious rights, if possible, or choose a place of work that better suits you. I am not advocating jumping jobs but, I would not work at a slaughter house, for instance, that I had to deal with pork and did not do zabiha, or food place where I had to handle and serve ham or liquor, etc. If you advocate for changes at your employment, AFTER YOU HAVE EARNED RESPECT AND SENIORITY, be prepared for any retaliation, if you are a respected employee and they are good owners and managers, they will at least compromise and put other Islamic music otherwise, will adhere to your request and lower it down. Religion should be respected and you can reason with people on the rights of religious freedom in this country and appeal to their religious beliefs and how they would not be appreciated to be subjected to something that is not what they are about. If you work in an environment that is hostile towards Muslims then that is another story. But, you have the tools from whatever faith you were before to reason with others. The Imam had said to recite a dua but quietly and not disturb others, so sing an Islamic song, no one will deny that and they may even find it interesting and ask you about it. Like what was sung when the Prophet (swt) was coming to Mecca/Medina. But, Muslims are not against Christians, so be careful not to give that impression in the direction you handle this. May Allah (swt) reward you for good intentions, and forgive me if I am incorrect in my approach. Ameen.

    • وعليكم السلام ورحمة الله وبركاته If this is a response to be viewed as an atonement, then all i can say is this: ‘worried mother’ need not worry. We all would error or make perceptual errors. So long as we are prepared to give a hearing, i think it is a good thing. Again, ‘worried mommy’ did well. (But i only read 47.9% of it — i scanned)
      But one added question to ‘worried mother’ without the intent of creating greater worry of course: Where in Islam does it say are we allowed us to eat pork after three days if we have no food. Now that one really got me thinking. I think you meant to say, when a person in on the brinks of starvation and no other survival alternative exists, then in such a situation one can eat just enough pork to survive. The 3 day rule may be viewed as extreme, since you seem to be advocating the opposite of extreme. See Islam gives more leeway than we can ever anticipate.
      I thank you all for your time. May Allah bless each of you for all the good you do, Ameen.
      و السلام