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Audio: Tafseer – Ramadan 6, 1432

Surah An’aam – Allah is the Creator of all the things and He asks for no payment.  We are blessed with what many others can only dream off, and Allah has a right over us.

Audio: Tafseer – Ramadan 5, 1432

Surah Nisa – Holding on tot he Rope of Allah (SWT), Commanding good to all, the virtues of the blessed greeting of salaam.

Audio: Tafseer – Ramadan 4, 1432

Surah Ale ‘Imran – Strength in taqwa and unity.

Audio: Tafseer – Ramadan 3, 1432 (this was done for radio program)

Surah Ale ‘Imran – Love that which is eternal.

(This edition was done for a radio program, it is a combination of two nights tafseer)

Audio: Tafseer – Ramadan 2, 1432

Surah Baqarah – The language style of mankind.  Don’t be fooled by words that are not matched by actions.

Audio: Tafseer – Ramadan 1, 1432

Surah Fatiha – Every type of praise is for Allah and Allah alone.

Audio: Tafseer 22 Ramadaan 2010

everything you wanted to secure you  lost, to be able to ask Allah (dua) is a blessing, do not void out your good deeds with evil, do not mock the other, do not be a racist

Audio: Tafseer Ramadaan 2010

some sell hub caps while another designs cars and makes millions why? King is a beggar if he wants more and a poor man is a king if he is happy, you bond with your tribe you become trialble, you bond with the Creator  is it much better, counsel the best for your matters, istikara

Audio: Tafseer Ramadaan 2010

let me show you how to give your good deeds away, after you are already it! Itifaf laws in VERY brief,

Audio: Tafseer 15 Ramadaan 2010

Do not follow the footsteps of evil, manners for youth, who created the great universe as outlined in the Quran.