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Question Policy:

  1. Please submit a question once, and once only. Sending the same question five times with five different names will decrease the possibility of the question being answered, which is probably not the effect you were going after.
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These policies will evolve as time goes. If you’re not getting an answer to a question, you probably fall into one of these categories. InshaAllah, following these guidelines will result in a more pleasant experience for you and us. JazakumAllahu kullu khair.


7 responses to “Comment and Question Policy

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  3. Lost sister who is now found

    I should have read this before I submitted my comment to a post. Though it is not my real name I did use a female name (close to my own) to submit my comment. Just wanted to acknowledge and apologize. Thanks.

  4. Concerned sister

    Assalamu alikum admin. I submitted a question about a week ago, it was asking should I give out my Zakah in Ramadan or April and that I had an issue with my parents because they are telling me i should not give out my Zakah until the Hawel goes around, but I wanted to do it in advance during Ramadan to build up a habit and to get more reward. And I had a few other question. I have been feeling really bad that nobody have answered yet, while I know a person who submitted their question a day after mine, and they got their question answered..?! i was looking through the policies of the website, and it seemed I have not gone against any of the rules!
    May Allah reward you for the great work you’re putting in this website.

    • Wa’Alaykum Salaam,
      I do believe your question is in the process of being answered…I do recall seeing it in the Imaam’s Drafts box. He will definitely be posting a response as soon as his answer is fully researched.

      Some questions are more complex than others, thus usually the delay, so please do not feel bad about the delay. You certainly can send in more questions (in separate emails please, otherwise if five or six are sent in at once, then only one or two will be answered).

      We hope you have a blessed and peaceful Ramadan. Please do keep all of the Ummah in your duaas this month.


  5. PART- I: (Anti-Islamic Litany and the Rebuttal):
    I watched it on the internet, the CNN-video where Rick Sanchez talked to Preacher Terry Jones of the Dove world Outreach Center Church of Florida. Here is the strong note Rick ended the interview with. Rick said: ” …you are doing a disservice to Christians in this country by sounding as hateful as you do; by saying that you are gonna perform hateful acts as you say you are for people who may not necessarily believe in the things you say they do. We will leave it at that …”. Mr. Rich Sanchez, Muslims and Christians alike are thankful to you for your pronouncing of what is right! However, with just a little bit of research regarding the most well known facts about Qur’an (Non-Violence being the foremost) you could have easily refuted the preacher’s claims.
    As it goes with the human nature, it is not the strong manner in which Rick fended off the preacher at the end of the interview, but it is the harshest, unreal, full of hate, and blatantly false anti-Islamic tones from this interview that will reverberate throughout the world – and especially the Islamic world. It should not be surprising if people of similar unreal thought process from any of “those” countries will react accordingly — particularly if this pastor is allowed to have his way with burning of the Qur’an on 9/11. So if people from those countries respond, they will be immediately branded as ‘Terrorists’. Governments in “those” countries will be threatened for the perpetrators to be taken to task. Imagine any such interview airing on a TV-network in any of those countries with only half as much hatred – well then those countries better be ready for hurricanes of repercussions. There will be a storm of humiliation, condemnation, distortion and ridicule directed towards the culprits, country and culture, if not religion.
    You know on the same token, I could not help thinking that this just might as well be another ploy to unsettle the equilibrium that was gradually returning to normal between America and the Islamic world. It sounds to me much more than a blatant hate crime. It’s promotion by the mass media, with more than 45 days ahead of 9/11 airing on an international channel is good enough to set up a volcanic eruption of dangerous terrorist activities. Consider this: not counting the lives of American and coalition forces who lost their lives, the imposed war on Iraq, and the situation in Afghanistan and neighboring Pakistan has already claimed lives of more than 1.5 million Muslims – definitely distancing America from the Islamic world. Can we afford to have this situation escalated any further?!?
    You do not have to be a government official to start the global unrest. Just use a global TV-network plus anti-Islamic tirade – and there you are, with a potent recipe to play havoc worldwide. Definitely alarming: a congressman from Tennessee has also been reported betraying his grudge towards Islam by saying that Islam should not even be afforded US Constitutional protection as it is not even a religion, just a cult. Well folks, It is time for the conscientious American institutions, including the American
    Government, to come to alert and safeguard against any further deterioration of American interactions with the Islamic world.
    Pastor Jones is adamant at going ahead with his hate crime of burning Qur’an on the 9/11 anniversary – and yet the just-minded and intellectually honest Obama government has not done anything — I suppose it does change in America – when Americans do it — No! it is not terrorism! Preacher Jones maintained rather vehemently that Qur’an calls for killing of all unbelievers; that Islam is of the Devil; that Islam is deceptive & violent religion proven many, many times; true Muslim believes in Sharia law which OK’s our killings; it is time to stop Islam; and that brutality of Islamic law was causing billions of people going to hell!!! — My O My! what a statement — actually quite a testament to his belligerent and defiant ignorance! To him it is oppression of women if they are not issued driver’s license in Saudi Arabia. It could be simply cultural; or may be religious – women there are for sure at a higher level of piety. Will you also denounce the Japanese who have elaborate Tea-ceremony that is always exclusively performed by woman overburdened by elaborate dresses? Mr. pastor, while you accuse Saudi Arabia of oppression of women, they might as well accuse you of exploitation, violation, and disgrace of women in various ways: stripper clubs, Bars, escort services, and elaborate sex-selling agencies. Amazing – isn’t it?! – a preacher comes on the internationally watched CNN channel of the civilized, greatest country and goes on spitfire disparaging with his lower than average common sense (if at all he had any!) — laced with anti-Muslim hatred and bigotry. If this fellow is not stopped from carrying out his hateful crime, America will lose in terms of being proprietor of Civility, and greatness. We might as well lose the copyright to human-rights championship!
    In this submission, I also intend to present Qur’anic, Prophetic, and historical evidences, which have been documented as well as upheld in the non-Muslim world by experts in oriental studies, especially, authors who have written about Qur’an, and Islamic History. Presented below are the undeniable facts from 1. Qur’an; 2. Prophet Mohammed’s actions (peace be upon him); and 3. Historical account of Muslim-interactions with “non-believers” during times when Muslims were the rulers. These facts, in essence, categorically dispel the utterly – and rather pathetically false and ignorant notions Mr. Jones perpetrated during his CNN interview. Islam is, indeed, a peace loving religion, with Qur’an being the non-violent word of God. Part II of this submission exclusively discusses the scientific aspects of the divine nature of the Holy Qur’an. Surely falsehood will not (never have) appeal to any honest intellect. I am confident the following documentary evidence from Qur’an; from the life of the prophet of Islam (peace be upon him); and the historical account of Muslims would quench any ill conceived perceptions about Islam, Qur’an and Muslims:
    1). Qur’an says in Surah Alkafiroon – “The Disbelievers” (Chapter 109: 1-6) — “Say: O disbelievers, I worship not that which you worship, Nor will you worship that which I worship; And I shall not worship that which you are worshipping, Nor will you worship that which I worship; To you be your religion, and to me my religion “. — Please make a note that Qur’an does not say to the non-believers that you will be annihilated and/or
    killed for what you worship or believe in! – instead Qur’an propounds a straightforward message of co-existence!
    2). The greatest example of non-violence against non-Muslims is the one when Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him) pardoned unconditionally all non-believers of MECCA (Prophet’s birthplace; one of the holiest cities of Islam) on his triumphant return. These non-believers of Mecca were the people who had tortured, killed, exiled, and extradited Muslims, along with the Prophet, from their birthplace. On this reclamation of Mecca, the prophet (peace be upon him) announced general pardon, and declared the house of the leader of Mecca (one of the great enemies of Islam, later embracing Islam) to be the sanctuary for any unbelievers who were apprehensive of Muslims, and therefore feared they may be killed. The prophet (peace be upon him) even pardoned the woman who had his dearest uncle killed brutally.
    3). Prophet of Islam (Peace be upon him) strictly instructed Muslims in various expeditions not to touch children, woman, and old folks. Muslims kept alive this practice ordained upon them by the Prophet (peace be upon him) throughout their history.
    4). If Terry Jones is right about Islam being a violent religion, and that Qur’an demands Muslims to kill all unbelievers – then who could have stopped Muslims during their 900 years of rule in Spain (known in the west as the “Moors Kingdom”), from perpetrating carnage against non-Muslims – mainly Christians and Jews?? History tells us to the very contrary — Jewish and Christian cultures actually thrived and flourished right along the Muslim civilization throughout these 900 years. Guess what, it were the Muslims who were the victims of the well Documented slaughter, at the end of their rule – the carnage that is documented in the Annals of History as the infamous Spanish “Inquisition”.
    Now to the contrary, and rather ironically in the context of this discussion, it is not a secret that great carnage was perpetrated against Muslims during Crusades; and do not forget the Spanish “Inquisition”. And by the way it were not Muslims who killed 6-million Jews in the second world war! – And yet it is Muslims who are branded as “Terrorists”. Pastor Jones, let me reiterate that Muslims did not commit any of the “great annihilations of humanity” namely the 1st- and Second world war, the Spanish inquisition, the Holocaust, the great plunder perpetrated by Mongols, and the very recent “Genocide” and “Ethnic Cleansing” of tens of thousands of Muslims in Kosovo, Bosnia, and Herzegovina (1990’s). Muslim men, women, children and the old ones were subjected to Nazi-style concentration camps – where they were starved, killed and raped. Muslims were at the receiving end in all four atrocities of the Spanish inquisition, the Crusades, the Mongol destruction of Muslim life and culture, and the genocide and ethnic cleansing in Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina.
    NO SIR! MUSLIMS ARE NOT – AND I REPEAT, MUSLIMS ARE NOT “TERRORISTS”. By virtue of their action terrorists are anything but Muslims – they are the product of the injustice that has gone on in the Middle East for ages. How come there was no such act of terrorism coming out of the middle east or any other Muslim country just about 50
    years ago, whereas, we all know that terrorism has existed for centuries, for example, in Ireland??
    So Mr. Jones please stop this hatred – stop becoming a disciple of the devil – and yes do not humiliate the human intelligence – honestly!! you have proved yourself that you are utterly, hopelessly illiterate about the Qur’anic contents, the Sharia law, and the Muslims in general. You do not seem to have any clue to the general world History. Intellectual dishonesty is not an attribute of a good Christian – and that is exactly what you accomplished with your blatantly false litany. Same is the case with this congressman from Tennessee who seems bent upon condescending Islam – either because of lack of general knowledge or plain bigotry.
    Qur’an was revealed fourteen centuries ago on Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him) over a period of 23 years of his prophet hood. It is a Universal truth that Qur’anic contents have remained unchanged even to a single letter – a miracle in its own right. This is because in Qur’an Allah (God in the English language) says that he will himself protect and safeguard Qur’an because it is his final word — Muslims must as well also believe, as part of their faith, in Bible, Torah, and Zaboor (Zaboor is commonly known as Psalms. However, Muslims believe that these books were revealed to their respective prophets (in other words these were all divine revelations), but were distorted and corrupted by human element of manipulation, and greed.
    The Prophet (peace be upon him) had the Qur’an written as it was revealed. He and his companions memorized the Qur’an word by word. Memorizing Qur’an has been a beloved practice among Muslims throughout ages – since the dawn of Islam. Today, millions of Muslims across the Islamic world have memorized Qur’an -committed word by word to memory – a living miracle and proof of the God’s protection of his final word.
    If an agnostic, an atheist, or for that matter any fair-minded person regardless of his/her religious affiliation were to make a comparative study of Qur’an, Bible, and Torah they will discover that Qur’aan is expounded with knowledge. There are wide-ranging scientific statements in Qur’aan which are in complete agreement with the modern scientific data as confirmed by Muslim as well as non-Muslim scientists of international repute.
    After his decade-long research concluded perfect agreement between scientific statements of Qur’an and the established Modern scientific Data, the famous French Surgeon Dr. Maurice Bucaille coined the famous Cliché “Islam and Science are twin
    sisters” In his address to the French Academy of Medicine in 1976 as regards perfect agreement between the Qur’anic statements, and the modern scientific data concerning the Anatomy and physiology of the Human Fetal development, Dr. Bocaille proclaimed “Our knowledge of these disciplines is such, that it is impossible to explain how a text produced at the time of the Qur’an could have contained ideas that have only been discovered in modern times”. In 1978, Dr. Bucaille authored an international best-seller -“The Bible, the Qur’an and Science”, that was translated from French. The main focuses of his research in his comparative study was to find concurrence and/or agreement between the scientific descriptions known to be present in Bible, Torah (Old Testament), and Qur’an, and the modern scientific data. After 10 years of meticulous research , Dr. Bucaille, stated unequivocally in his book that there was complete agreement between the scientific descriptions made in the Qur’an and the modern Scientific data. He also embraced Islam. Dr. Bucaille passed away in 1998.
    Dr. Keith Moore a noted embryologist, and professor of anatomy at the University of Toronto, Ontario, Canada declared that “It is clear to me that these statements must have come to Muhammad from God or Allah, because almost all of this knowledge was not discovered until many centuries later.” When asked “Does this mean that you believe that the Qur’an is the word of God?” — he replied “I find no difficulty in accepting this.” Furthermore, Professor Moore modified his own textbook on the subject. He incorporated all the relevant Qur’anic passages and authentic statements of the Prophet Muhammad into his book, “The Developing Human: Clinically oriented embryology with Islamic additions”
    Qur’an accurately specifies sequential phases of human fetal development, along with the exact description of the physical appearance (Morphology) of some of these phases in the human womb. The precise Qur’anic description is in perfect agreement of the physical appearance (morphology) of the distinct fetal stages as revealed in the photographs. Following are some of the many descriptions Qur’an makes regarding Human Reproduction:
     (chapter 16 verse 4)
    “(God) fashioned man from a small quantity of Nutfah (mixed drops of male and female sexual discharge) then behold, this same (man) becomes an open opponent. Qur’an reiterates this fact in another verse while emphasizing the purpose of his (man’s) creation:
     (Chapter76 verse 2)
    “Verily We created man from a drop (Nutfah) of a mixed nature in order to try him, so we gave him the gifts of hearing and sight.” The Arabic word “Nutfah” means sexual discharge. The mixing of sexual discharges as a result of sexual intercourse ultimately translates into fertilization of egg cell (ovum) by the sperm giving rise to “zygote” that will then go through distinct developmental phases as outlined below in various Qur’anic descriptions that are in perfect congruence with the modern scientific data.
     (Chapter75 verse 37)
    “Was (man) not a small quantity of Nutfah (mixed male and female sexual discharge) emitted?”
    The principle of human reproduction was also outlined in a Hadith (a spoken word or deed of the prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him) reported by Imam Ahmed: A Jewish man passed by the Prophet (PBUH) while he was talking to his companions and pagan unbelievers of the Quraish tribe. A pagan cried out – “O thou Jew, this man alleges he is a Prophet.” The Jew said, “I will ask him about a thing nobody knows unless he is a Prophet; O Mohammad! Of what is man created?” The Prophet (peace be upon him) said, “O Jewish man, he is created of all, of a man’s Nutfah and of a woman’s Nutfah.”
    Modern scientific Data has also verified many scientific references found in the spoken word of the prophet (peace be upon him).
    Let us now proceed with the next phase in fetal development as outlined in the holy Qur’an:
     (chapter 23 verse 13)
    “Then We placed (man) as a small quantity of Nutfah (mixed drops of the male and female sexual discharge) in a safe lodging (womb of the woman) firmly established.”
     (Chapter 22 verse 5)
    Implantation of the fertilized egg – God says: “We cause whom We will to rest in the womb (a firmly secure sanctuary) for an appointed term.” It is known that the implantation of egg is absolutely vital for the continued growth of the fertilized egg – as it becomes clear in the verse below:
     (Chapter 22 verse 5)
    “We have fashioned you from . . . something which clings.” The implantation of the fertilized egg (zygote) in the uterus (womb) is the result of the development of chorionic villi – the veritable elongations of the egg, which, like roots in the soil, draw nourishment from the thickness of the uterus necessary to the embryo’s growth. These formations make the egg literally cling to the uterus. This is a discovery of modern times – so very precisely described in the Holy Qur’an. The verse below now takes us through the rest of the distinct phases of embryonic development. Qur’an describes the exact physical appearances (morphology) of these distinct structural (morphological) phases of the Human fetal development:
     (Chapter 23: verse14)
    “Then We made the Nutfah into Alaqa (sticky leech-Iike being – the thing which clings), then We made the Alaqa into a Mudgha (chewed morsel – a chewed lump of flesh), then We made out of that lump, bones (the osseous tissue) and clothed the bones with flesh. Then we brought it forth as another creation. So blessed is Allah, the best of Creators”. The current verified scientific data not only verifies the exact same sequence of fetal development as outlined in the Qur’anic verses, it also testifies to the exact same physical appearance of the specific developmental stages of human fetus.
     (Chapter 39 verse 6)
    Being a surgeon, Dr Bucaille was able to explain, further on, yet another verse from Qur’an – “(Allah) fashions you inside the bodies of your mothers, formation after formation, in three (veils of) darkness. Dr. Bucaille says that from anatomical point of view this verse seems to refer to the three anatomical layers that protect the infant during gestation: the abdominal wall, the uterus itself, and the surroundings of the fetus (placenta, embryonic membranes, amniotic fluid) -constituting the three veils of darkness affording foolproof protection whereby the developing fetus is nurtured in the tremendously secured environment of the mother’s womb. However, with equal confidence the three ‘darknesses’ have been explained as amnion, Chorion and Uterus. While the two scientific propositions about the three darknesses are simultaneously plausible as well practical, the simple and honest answer is to say that we do not know for sure what God specifically meant by those three darknesses – there can be a non-anatomical explanation as well: lack of hearing, sight, and intellect. On the same token, the verse from Qur’an could very well encompass all three listed explanations because all these materialize during fetal development. In short limitations in our understanding does not compromise the veracity of Qur’an – because Qur’an supersedes science as well as human understanding, and not the vice-versa.
    Now here, I want to pinpoint some facts: 1. Most of the modern Scientific data, that specifically emanated from the direct visualizations of fetal developmental stages in the human womb was not available even in the early 1900’s. How is it then that Prophet Mohammed knew so accurately about the exact sequence of fetal development – from fertilization of egg; to the clinging of the fertilized egg (embryo) to uterine wall and then transforming into a leach-like structure; followed by the sequential stages of the chewed lump of flesh, bones, and the clothing of bones with muscles?? As per theologians in the west, Prophet – Mohammed (peace be upon him) himself wrote the Qur’an. However, It is also an irrefutable truth that the Prophet never had any schooling – He was not a man of letters. He did not have to be! – His teacher was God Almighty Allah himself. Thus the only answer to the question of how the Prophet knew the immaculate modern details of human reproduction is to say that Qur’an is of Divine nature. It is not man-made, and it is not the inspired thoughts or words of the Prophet. Incidentally, the word and deed of the prophet called ‘Hadith’, (plural: Ahadith) is essentially in perfect agreement with the Qur’an, and as such constitute the unrivalled institution of Islam. Fourteen centuries ago, the science of medicine did not know about the fertilization of human egg by sperm; or clinging of the embryo to the uterine wall, and thereby getting developed into the precise structures that have only been visualized and Photographed in the latter half of the 20th Century. The fact that human fetal development is not even mentioned in Bible, Torah, or the Psalms also dispels the widely held notion that Prophet copied from these books. The fact that these books are from the same source (Allah, or God in English) – it is not at all surprising, for Muslims at least, that they share similarities as testified by Qur’an in many of its verses.
    We have summarily discussed Qur’anic statements related to Human reproduction that perfectly match in content as well as sequence to the modern scientific data. There are many engaging discourses of scientific truths in Qur’an – such as solar system; Galaxies; celestial organization such as sun’s and Moon’s orbits; Reference of Sun and Moon’s movement in space – specific orbital movement, along with own their own axial movement etc. There is description of vegetable kingdom, animal kingdom, and animal communities. There are statements concerning bees, birds, and spiders; oceans and their secrets; generation of electricity in the atmosphere, and description of mountains as ‘stabilizing pegs’ of the earth (recently, in the 1980’s, a theory to this effect has been proposed receiving wide scientific acclaim).
    In conclusion, and as discussed above, in Qur’an, there are clear-cut manifested signs of God Almighty Allah. Guidance is destined for those who genuinely want to embrace the truth with reason and analysis. One may look at it this way: humans and animals have inhabited this planet for the same amount of time, yet it is humans who have the total say – only because they have been able to use the wisdom they have been granted by Almighty. There will be no wisdom without reason and analysis — and without it (wisdom that is) humans will be no better than animals!!!

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