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‘boar bristle are made from pig hair’

Q: Assalamu Aalykum Imam,
I had a question regarding Hair brushes that Muslims can use. I have heard that Continue reading

‘what is preferred to say, god or Allah?’

Q: Assalamalaikum imam,
In Islam what is preferred to say, god or Allah? Is there a reason to say one over the other?
Time: Sunday December 18, 2011 at 8:45 pm

A: وعليكم السلام ورحمة الله وبركاته

Best to say Allah (SWT) whenever possible over the words God/Goddess. God is male gender word while goddess is of female. Allah (SWT) by contrast has no gender attribution. Thus, recommended is the word Allah (SWT) over the words God/goddess.

Allah Certainly Knows Best.

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don’t toy with the word ‘makruh’ to make yourself feel good

Q: Assalam alaikum
My question is reguarding meats. I have been told its mearly makruh to eat non zabiha slaughtered animals and its not a sin to eat from such places (meat or Continue reading

‘What is Islams view on evolution’

Q: Salaaamu Alaykum, In the light of the Quran and Sunnah. What is Islams view on evolution. Do species evolve? if yes are they still evolving? Continue reading

‘confused as to the schools of thought’

Q: Assalamalaikum, I am confused as to the schools of thought. I have heard that every Muslim should follow one but how do you really decide which school Continue reading

we all can use some help

Q:I give sadqa in the name of Allah with black sheep but after sadqa I got rob then my wife got Sick which lead to removal of her gallbladder. Continue reading

new muslim woman matters

Q: Salam Aleikum,

I am a college-aged female, raised in Utah and California.  I left the religion I was born into a few years ago, because I felt that it was a construed truth.
Then, about a year ago, I was introduced to Islam, praise be to God.  I have been Continue reading