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age and children should not ALONE call for a rejection

Q: Hello,

I am muslim lebanese girl of 23 years old, I met a man who is 35 years old, lebanese and muslim. He is divorced and has 2 children (girls of 12 and 7 years Continue reading

good duas to learn — if you read this, chances are you still living

Q: Assalamu alikum wa rahamtullah Sheikh,
I had a dream that basically reviewed my previous day, but when there were situations that I might have made a sin in that day that I regret, it was corrected in the dream.  What does it mean? or is it typical because I desired for it to be corrected.
Also, what does it mean when I dream that I was in great worry state and I was making the duas over and over again (اللهم أعني على سكرات الموت) and (اللهم لا تكلني الى نفسي طرفة عين) am I dying soon? but what’s scary shiekh, the night after i had that dua in my dream, we heard the news that my uncle was shot to death, and now my parents are going through some intensive grief.
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best time to make dua, dua etiquettes

Q: Assalama Alaykoum,

Q1.Can you please tell us the details on the best times dua are accepted:
I heard at iftar time but exactly when-before you break your fast, after you break your fast and before you pray magrib or after you pray magrib?
I also heard that on fridays there is an hour when the heavens is open and your dua is accepted( when is it- before kutbah, after kutbah, before asr prayer or after asr prayer?)

Q2. Can you also please tell us on the etiquettes on making dua?
Jazakllahu khair for your time

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dua for a parent

Q: Does my making dua for a parent to convert to islam always work? What dua can you recommend for me. I feel bad for my (xxx). Continue reading

dua is an act of worship

Asalam u aliakum, imaam
I wanted to ask you if dua AHAD is okay to read! it says if you read this for 40 mornings then you get the ajar (reward)  of the people fighting for imam mahdi and if you die before his comming then you will be pulled out of your grave to fight along side him! is this true or is this a shiite tradition! Here is the link to the dua. here is the link XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX. Please answer as soon as possible. May Allah (Sw) reward you.

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