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gold, silver and zakah

Q: Assalamu alikum wa rahmatUllah Imam,
Imam, I hope you can answer my question soon insha’Allah, may Allah ease it for you. Continue reading

‘have an 80 gram gold ‘

Q: Salaam ul aykum Imam, please respond to me asap. I have an 80 gram gold jewelry that my aunt bought me for $3,200. How do I pay zakat for it? Please Continue reading

minor need not pay

Q: As Salaamu alaikum warahmatullah wabarakatuh Sheikh,
May Allah reward you for answering my questions always. Alhamdulillah! my question is; Is it obligatory to pay zakaat on the wealth of a minor even though Continue reading

get the facts right

Q: I was told by an alim-e-deen that I there is no zakah on money in the bank. Continue reading

do i pay for my kids or not?

Q: Plse tell me Imaam sahib, I have children. 3, 6, 9, 17. Do I have to give sadaqatul fitr money for them? Jazakallah (ioq) Continue reading

sadaqatul fitr/wife/husband/unemployment

Q: As Salam Alaikum respectful Imam Sahab,
I have some questions about fitra which is due before eid prayers: Continue reading

zakat and sacrifice are seperate matters

Q: For zakat we are to keep the wealth for one year. I was told by our sheik that this does not apply to the sacrificing of an animal. Is this true. Continue reading