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gold, silver and zakah

Q: Assalamu alikum wa rahmatUllah Imam,
Imam, I hope you can answer my question soon insha’Allah, may Allah ease it for you. Continue reading

‘have an 80 gram gold ‘

Q: Salaam ul aykum Imam, please respond to me asap. I have an 80 gram gold jewelry that my aunt bought me for $3,200. How do I pay zakat for it? Please Continue reading

minor need not pay

Q: As Salaamu alaikum warahmatullah wabarakatuh Sheikh,
May Allah reward you for answering my questions always. Alhamdulillah! my question is; Is it obligatory to pay zakaat on the wealth of a minor even though Continue reading

get the facts right

Q: I was told by an alim-e-deen that I there is no zakah on money in the bank. Continue reading

do i pay for my kids or not?

Q: Plse tell me Imaam sahib, I have children. 3, 6, 9, 17. Do I have to give sadaqatul fitr money for them? Jazakallah (ioq) Continue reading

sadaqatul fitr/wife/husband/unemployment

Q: As Salam Alaikum respectful Imam Sahab,
I have some questions about fitra which is due before eid prayers: Continue reading

zakat and sacrifice are seperate matters

Q: For zakat we are to keep the wealth for one year. I was told by our sheik that this does not apply to the sacrificing of an animal. Is this true. Continue reading

let me take picture and give you some rice for the world to see and pity you

Q: I work for a zakat agency and have being working with XXXXX for Alhamduillah 15 years. Can you tell me shiek, what is meant by you saying non-manipulative literature?must not be used by chsritable organization? Truth is truth. You keep saying this in your khutba I heard online and writing. You make me sick. (text) Continue reading

What is the Nisaab? (IMPORTANT)

Q. What is the amount of Nisab? How is the Nisab amount calculated? Is it a fixed dollar amount? class student at U (email.) Continue reading

I keep my money in the bank

Q: I keep my money in the bank, my salary goes into my bank account every month and my expenses are also from the same account. So money come and go from the account. In that case how do I calculate the amount of money which stayed in the account for one year to calculate Zakat. 2010/08/26. Continue reading