If you talking about being president of the nation, then lets talk

Q: do you have advice for the next MSA president. (xxx) wants to run for it. They (this person) respect your advice. We want to become active and sorry2 say we  had bad 2 years. fighting, gossiping, slandering. we divided on everything.  Imaam can u giv advice on how2make it positive for muslims and guets. (email)

A: Abdullah Bin Amr Bin A’as (RA) always wished to see Umar (RA) in a dream. Once, very long after  Umar (RA’s) passing, he appeared in Sayyidina Abdullah’s dream.

In his dream, Abdullah (RA) saw a magnificent palace from which Umar (RA) emerged. Abdullah (RA) inquired: How are you, O Ameerul Mu’mineen? Umar (RA) replies: If my Rabb was not Ghafoor and Raheem (the Most Forgiving and the Most Merciful) I would have been destroyed. Abdullah (RA) inquired: What had transpired? Umar (RA) responded: Since my death how much time has passed?

Abdullah (RA): ‘Twelve years’. Umar (RA): I have just now been released from the Reckoning.

The justice and piety of Umar (RA) were superb. History awards him and applauds him. If he had the above to say, what leadership are you seeking my Brother/Sister?

Added note: Young wo/man, get your grades up and keep them up if they are not already up, spend your time with more productive things, family, good pious friends, a cherished person that is part of your life. Let go of non-needed others at this point of your life. Less distraction, the better of you are.

  • If you are a super genius and have the time for MSA and/or its presidency, go for it, until such a point, do what you are in college to do. I have seen many reputations salvaged by running for leadership; its temptation is great, even greater would be the positive outcome for a wo/man that lets go of a small leadership position for a greater one later in life. Why waste time with the petty stuff when Allah (SWT) can give you more due to your virtue of patience coupled with supreme study habits.
  • It all comes with the choices made. (*Yes, but you can boast you were a leader in your days at college?* But is this what you want your life to be all about?!)
  • I would prefer you to be a religious scholar, or gain a PhD in your field, make something supreme of yourself in society than have the bone of presidency and little more to your name attributed to it.
  • Choose wisely.

Allah Certainly Knows Best.

p.s. I am not saying do Not join MSA or its presidential ranks, i just want you to make good choices. Choices you can live with, not lament about.


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