‘Why do muslim prophets not inherit?’

Q: Why do  muslim prophets not inherit?

A: To muslims, all prophets of theirs are muslim, they all believe in one Supreme Creator. Muslims believe that the first prophet was Adam to the final Prophets being Mohammad and in between prophets being Abraham and his children, Moses, Jesus, etc. peace be upon them all. Prophets did not cme into this world for money and glitter and glamor of this world. Their aim was to assist people towards living a good life and prepare people for the hereafter.

Thus, as a general rule, a prophet does not inherit nor do they leave things for others to inherit. This is significant, had the dimension of seeking and inheritance or leaving behind wealth been important, the focus would have been upon this world.

For example, I must make X dollars to benefit my children upon death etc.

Allah Certainly Knows Best.

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