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student loan and hajj

Q: assalamualaikum, recently i got a student loan for my medical  course (5 yr),to replay once you are employed inshallah, I intend to perform haj in due Continue reading

credit card points

Q: Salaam,  I receive points with my debit card for running my card as credit, instead using my debit pen.  These points add up, so that I can redeem them for Continue reading

‘gimmie my million’

Q: Salaam alaykum,
My parents have life insurance .  Should I ask them to take me off of it and to remove me from being able to receive any money if something happened to Continue reading

‘manicure and pedicure’

Question: Assalaam O Alaikum Imam,
A.   I m intrested in learning manicure and pedicure (nail technician, puttig nail polish on fixing nails stuff like tht) due to the fact tht I wear hijab n want to work with women only.  If  I have this trade, I can work in ladies salon  and avoid  interaction with men. Continue reading

community announcement


Saturday, July 9 & Sunday, July 10, 2011  Continue reading


Question: Asaamualikum, Brother Imaam

What islam says about music? Is it allowed to listen . If no , is there any Hadith on that ?

I think we need to correct ourselves, but not getting the right guidance.

Time: Thursday April 14, 2011 at 11:11 am Continue reading

pork and alcohol seller haunts muslim heart

Q: I am an investor here in England. Most of my property was handed down from family. Our clients were established over the years. I had little to do with our clientele. I have begun to turn to religion and and it has made a difference in my life after I have joined Alhamdulillah the brothers of tabligh. Some of my new brothers int he group have told me about my investments being haram.  I want to know from a scholar if it is permissible to rent out my properties to major chain stores that sell pork and alcohol? I am not shopping for answers. So what you say would be accepted. Continue reading

let me take picture and give you some rice for the world to see and pity you

Q: I work for a zakat agency and have being working with XXXXX for Alhamduillah 15 years. Can you tell me shiek, what is meant by you saying non-manipulative literature?must not be used by chsritable organization? Truth is truth. You keep saying this in your khutba I heard online and writing. You make me sick. (text) Continue reading

What is the Nisaab? (IMPORTANT)

Q. What is the amount of Nisab? How is the Nisab amount calculated? Is it a fixed dollar amount? class student at U (email.) Continue reading

was your Ramadaan also commercialized?!

Ramadhaan has turned into a business. Imaams and Taraweeh leaders want/demand more money, businesses hike up food prices, zakat foundations seem to go rampant, airline agents are on the prowl for Umrah ticket sales, relief organizations seem to exploit religious sentiments with modern day graphics, humanitarian groups show depictions of children and elderly in the most horrid manner, etc. Ramadhaan has turned into a money making machine for many. Here is a clip sent by our audience member. View and reflect so we can minimize such adverse behaviors within the months of spirituality. Ameen.

“Families during Ramadan, view it as a great time to gather and watch their favorite programs….” Continue reading