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student loan and hajj

Q: assalamualaikum, recently i got a student loan for my medical  course (5 yr),to replay once you are employed inshallah, I intend to perform haj in due Continue reading

credit card points

Q: Salaam,  I receive points with my debit card for running my card as credit, instead using my debit pen.  These points add up, so that I can redeem them for Continue reading

‘gimmie my million’

Q: Salaam alaykum,
My parents have life insurance .  Should I ask them to take me off of it and to remove me from being able to receive any money if something happened to Continue reading

‘manicure and pedicure’

Question: Assalaam O Alaikum Imam,
A.   I m intrested in learning manicure and pedicure (nail technician, puttig nail polish on fixing nails stuff like tht) due to the fact tht I wear hijab n want to work with women only.  If  I have this trade, I can work in ladies salon  and avoid  interaction with men. Continue reading

community announcement


Saturday, July 9 & Sunday, July 10, 2011  Continue reading


Question: Asaamualikum, Brother Imaam

What islam says about music? Is it allowed to listen . If no , is there any Hadith on that ?

I think we need to correct ourselves, but not getting the right guidance.

Time: Thursday April 14, 2011 at 11:11 am Continue reading

pork and alcohol seller haunts muslim heart

Q: I am an investor here in England. Most of my property was handed down from family. Our clients were established over the years. I had little to do with our clientele. I have begun to turn to religion and and it has made a difference in my life after I have joined Alhamdulillah the brothers of tabligh. Some of my new brothers int he group have told me about my investments being haram.  I want to know from a scholar if it is permissible to rent out my properties to major chain stores that sell pork and alcohol? I am not shopping for answers. So what you say would be accepted. Continue reading