A race to the moon

Q. We want to follow Saudi Arabia for the following of Ramadan and Hajj. Africans, Indians, Pakistanis, some Bengali  and a few other narrow minded bigoted groups refuse to follow Saudi Arabian reports of moon sighting.

A. Dear brother, may Allah bless you for your letter of complaint comprising of three pages. Sadly, time does not permit me to read much of it, or to post all of it. We are not a debate team, nor are we into convincing you of anything. After being relaxed, cool and calm, we would like you to observe the reports of http://www.icoproject.org/sau.html. Should anything not be clear for you, or should you lack the ability to comprehend basic facts, ask us to clarify that which you cannot comprehend, and we would be glad to be of assistance to you. Should you like resend us your question, please do so without any racial or culturally biased opinions or remarks.

My beloved brother, Islam loves a healthy relations’ with facts. Let’s keep it simple yet tasteful. Are we game?

Allah certainly knows best.

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