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menopause and head covering

Q: Is it true that a woman that is menopause does not have to cover her head in public? Does the quarn say this? She has a prominent position. Being a representative for islam i think she may be right. i am trying to convince my mother and sister. My mother zn sister are asking for proof. what is your opinion? you have only answered 3 out my 8 question. Am i blocked from your site? answermepelase Continue reading

veil me, here lies my beauty

Q: Okay, is the veil worn when i get my first menses? me and my sisters were debating when it must be done. When married? after first child? never? whenever? (text) Continue reading

Hijab — you are brave to turn sunnah into culture

Q: 1 Salaamu Alaykum,

Imam I have a story for you, and after the story I have a request/suggestion. Continue reading

‘see u on facebook — even if its not ur pic’

Q: my husband has a a facebook account. He has other places he advertises himself too. Can a man add woman on his facebook? Their haram comments?  He says they are not locals.  it is ok? i am not happy about that. Am i right to be concerned? Continue reading

ouch! That hurts…

Q: Can a woman wax her entire body? Are tanning places ok to take out extra hairs? Imaam i am asking for my aunt not for me(text) Continue reading

Parental respect, Pictures, Perfume, Charity, Duff, Veiling, Masturbation

Asalamalikum wa ramatullahi wa barakatoh,

I have several questions to ask you inshallah;

Q1) is it true that if the Muslim doesn’t talk to his parents because they are non-believers and they refuse to see him because they don’t accept his conversion to Islam, Allah will not grant him the Paradise because he was not in touch with them? Continue reading

better ways to give your sadaqa and gain greater reward

Q: As sadaqa or extra reward can one donate to clinics sperm/embryo/surrogate to those that cannot have children? Student of science. (in office question. September 08-2009 ) Continue reading